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05-31-2013, 01:59 PM
Some questions for the wise people here.
Do realise that even though ive done several courses of indie game desing and studied media design, aside from the casual shadow era and some yu-gi-oh in my youth ive never really played cardgames fanaticly.. So here we go. (Some will be follow-up questions of earlier questions.

- PvP will most likely be the part that will be e-sport material right?

- this is apparently called a good free-to-play model even though everyone so far has been saying that pvp without spendig mone is impossible and pve will require alot of grinding to get somewhere.
Is it really like this? Will players who dont want to spend money really be discouraged by having a big disadvantage or are there multiple ways for free players to get new cards? Even pvp ones?

- if its true that pvp will require money to really be competetive, wouldnt that block off 95% of e-sport players (seeing how most of the famous esport games are not FORCING you to spend anythig, making that the reason why so many people play them? And wouldnt this also kinda replace the skill factor with the "how much cash do you have"-factor?

Tbh i would prefer to see a basic emotion-concept like tf2... When a free-to-play guy comes in and even though other people have bought weapons, he still is equally strong strenghtwise.. Making it come down to skills. He doesnt need money to acces any parts of the game and can gather stuff by simply being good and spendig time on the game.

Dont take this all in the wrong way. Just asking this because i have no idea what they all have planned and how it works. Just asking these questions because looking at alot of the posts on this forum it just looks as if spending money is REQUIRED (which in my opinion is just a terrible idea for a potential esport tcg unless yu want to chase away people)

Would love to see someone enlight those things and correct everything i concluded wrong.

05-31-2013, 02:03 PM
1. Yes.
2. TCGs are by nature a variation of "pay to win" - so yes, you do need to get some decent cards in order to do well in competitive play. Or buy packs in order to participate in limited.
3. Spending money is not required in PvE, so you can play that as much as you want.

05-31-2013, 02:03 PM
Raider please do some reading before you post a thread there is at least a dozen threads created and you should read about the game you are critiquing first. It's called Hex TCG if you google that I'm sure you'll find some answers

need to lock these threads and refer them to proper resources

05-31-2013, 02:05 PM
sure its free to play but think you only get one starter deck and a few boosters, without any kind of money put in your chances of getting more cards is pretty small. but even they you could grind pve dungeons and raids and sell all the pve cards you get for ingame money to buy more boosters or singles but still chances are pretty small to get good without spending some money on cards

05-31-2013, 02:24 PM
To be competitive in Constructed PvP, you will have to put in an initial investment to get a good deck. From that point if you like to play the Eternal formats where all your cards remain viable, then you only need to spend a tiny amount each set to update your deck. If you want to play the rotating formats that only use the most recent sets, you can always sell/trade your cards to update to the newer cards for not too much more. (Or get a profit if the new deck you're upgrading to costs less.)

While most esports don't require much of an investment (Well... unless you're counting any combination of buying the game, a mechanical keyboard, good mouse with DPS and weight/size that fits your needs, mousepad for said mouse, or upgrading your computer), most esports don't give you tools that you alone have (cards) that can be sold back.