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06-02-2013, 11:53 PM
So I have a quick question about timing. It's really just a technicality, but the situation occurred while I was playing with some friends tonight and I wondered.

The rules say that the team mode begins once a second player is turned into a walker, so when exactly is that? After they die their piece goes on their side, and is not replaced by a walker piece until their next turn. So for the sake of team mode, does the mode start when they die, or their next turn when their piece is replaced with a walker piece and they take their turn as a walker?

I ask because once team mode begins and if you are a survivor you no longer win just if you are the first person back at camp with the four location cards, but if either of the two remaining survivors get back alive with the cards.

Tonight when playing we had a bit of a weird situation where I was the second player to die. The person who moved after me already had the four location cards and was three squares away from the camp. They made it to camp that turn, so I never rose again as a walker and there was some confusion over whether the second survivor won as well. What further complicated the situation was that the round directly before that, it was pretty obvious I was about to die. The other walker player was about to come to attack me, I had no scrounge cards left and no allies (plus I had accidently gone in the wrong direction to a location corner I had already visited ;-)). The player who was going to make it to camp landed on an encounter, and we did the math on the turns and who would move when and realized that there was a 90% chance that if she survived the encounter she would win next round, right after I died, so we debated whether or not the second survivor should play an axe to let her pass the encounter? Would doing so mean he would be setting her up to win solo, or would he be preparing the way for the team survivor which was about to be created?

We just declared the two survivors the winner because it was nicer that way :-) but for future reference if it ever comes up again, Id like to know, when exactly does Team Mode begin? When the second player dies? Or when the second walker takes its first turn?

06-03-2013, 01:05 AM
When the second player dies.
Good catch. We will be more precise in the wording next time.

06-03-2013, 01:03 PM
(plus I had accidently gone in the wrong direction to a location corner I had already visited ;-)).

Oh no. ;)