View Full Version : Multi Threaded Raid Suggestion

06-03-2013, 06:21 PM
So I'm watching Corey's Angry Joe interview and totally understand his concern with having too many players in a single a Raid, as the wait time to act builds up.

And then I had an idea to fix that issue by having multiple paths in a single raid that multiple groups could follow to reach the eventual completion. Maybe have little pop ups when a group completes a stage. This could also add to puzzle solving, as one group (A) completes an optional component, it may unlock a new path for another group (B). This path shouldn't be required to complete the raid, but could add bonuses on the board--and also loot drops if group B successfully completes the new path. Basically, if this were done, there should be little ways in which the groups feel like they're working together toward the end goal without actually being in the same card games. I would think the paths should be completely separate (not require multiple groups to finish sections before someone can continue). Also, if game viewing were made available where you can hop in and watch people play, that would be nice if a group that's completed its path could watch other groups finish their sections. Those groups could also move on to another game while the lagging groups finish, and go back later to watch any cut-scenes (if those exist) or collect loot.

Also, should there be a Suggestions forum?