View Full Version : Hex GUI Questions

06-04-2013, 03:16 PM
1.) How much customization will the GUI allow for?
1a.) Will we be able to make the items on screen bigger? I'm assuming we'll have a range of zoom for cards in hand and in play. A friend of mine has shown interest in the game but thinks there is a lot more real estate to go around and that the thresholds should be bigger and more visible.
1b.) Will the GUI be moveable? What I mean to say is, can I move my champion to be anywhere on my screen? Can I move my deck to be on the left instead of the right? How much control will I have of where things are located on the GUI?
1c.) Is it possible to make it so cards are displayed in a column instead of a row? I know some players like to hold their cards stacked rather than fanned.
1d.) Will we be able to change the order are cards are displayed in hand?
1e.) Is it possible to make it say what phase you're in rather than the graphical representation in the center of the screen where all the cards are? Maybe put it in the upper right or at the bottom somewhere?
1f.) Will there be different backgrounds for Hex? ie. Like playmats for Magic, WoW, and other TCGs.

That's all the questions I have for now. Would love to hear some feedback on the future of Hex and how much polish we can see on the GUI between now and launch.