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06-04-2013, 07:52 PM
This is pretty much in response to a thread I saw a while back that asked, "If you had bought the tier that allowed you to design a dungeon, what would it be?"

I didn't want to try and go necro-post that thread so I just figured I would make a new one. If you missed that thread and have an idea please feel free to share!

*NOTE* I didn't actually read through that whole thread so if I am posting something similar to what was someone else's idea please bear with me and I apologize!

My idea:


Upon entering you are confronted with a powerful Necrotic who stuns you and locks your constructed deck with a spell. House Guards surround you and drive away the Necrotic. Meanwhile.... The game shows a Shin'hare ninja, presumably working with the necrotic, infiltrating your keep and stealing a large cache of your cards. You are alerted of the infiltration by another house guard and begin an epic chase with the Shin'hare ninja.

The sack of cards that the Shin'Hare Ninja is carrying has come open in his haste to escape your wrath. With your deck locked the cards falling out of the ninja's sack are all you have available to you.

This starts a 14 node chase that simulates the first round of packs in a draft. (These packs are the cards that are falling from the Shin'Hare's sack.) These packs are created randomly from the cards in your collection according to normal booster distribution. Cards can repeat in the event the player does not have enough cards in their collection to field this many packs worth. Despite the story the 14 rounds simulate a draft and thus once the packs are "opened" they are rotated just like a draft and the contents are kept track of so the same cards come around after 8 nodes with the requisite number of cards missing. Each node will have a little story that goes with it and present the cards to choose from.

Example Node description: You are catching the Shin'Hare Ninja when a large group of your precious cards fall out of his sack. You only have time to grab one or the ninja will get away and the rest of your cards will be lost forever! Your house guard shouts, "Grab what you can but keep up with the thief, I will gather the leftover cards behind you!"

On the 15th Node, which would represent the 1 card pick in the first pack in a draft, you automatically gain the 15th pick, scoop up a fistful of basic resources that have fallen out of the pack, and then corner the Shin'hare Ninja. On this node you play a MiniMaster game with your draft picks while the Shin'Hare ninja gets a random pack. Win or Lose the Shin'Hare Ninja drops a smoke bomb and escapes but you manage to see his direction through the smoke and continue to chase.

Then the chase portion and minimaster portion are repeated for the second and third pack with appropriate simple but non-repeating descriptions.

After the 3rd Minimaster the Shin'hare Ninja escapes to a keep. You pause for a second to gather your wits, the Ninja is not going anywhere, a stand will be made at the keep. Players now construct a 40 card deck with the cards they scooped up during the chase. The house guard finally catches up to assure the player that all other dropped cards are safe in the player's keep. The player dismisses this guard to watch over the player's collection while he/she heads into the keep.

Once the 40 card deck is created the player enters the keep and faces off against 4 opponents. The first opponent being the Shin'Hare Ninja. All dropped cards have been gathered and the Ninja stands as the first foe in the quest to defeat the Necrotic to unlock your deck. The Ninja could have a pre-constructed deck or depending on draft AI a drafted deck from his chase. The last opponent is the Necrotic who locked your deck. Defeating the Necrotic will unlock your deck and present other rewards for the dungeon.


This dungeon is obviously meant to simulate a draft. The story is present to hopefully make the player understand that they are drafting their own cards and thus they aren't gaining new cards from this draft. (And to make it entertaining PVE)

The earliest the player can lose is the 3rd Minimaster. Story wise they have recovered all their cards by then so none are lost. (Of course we can't let the player lose his/her hard fought/bought cards in the dungeon.)

A small inconsistency will be present if the player does not reach the final Necrotic to defeat and unlock their constructed deck. This can be explained away with story. Story Example: "Though defeated you and your guards managed to salvage all your cards during the chase. As for your spell-locked deck time and distance have broken the lock."

This will be a completely linear dungeon, however, the fact that it represents a draft, and includes MiniMaster, should make it quite interesting despite this fact.

Story elements are up in the air. The general idea is here but maybe story gurus have a better way to explain stuff! Also, I typed this up quick and minute details of rounds of draft and such may be off, sorry! Just wanted to get the idea in the ether.

I have never played a draft or a minimaster in my life...I am looking forward to it though! (Been watching alot of magic on youtube since I backed this!)