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“You’ll defend that shrine or I’ll be blowing it up meself! I’ll be a Vennen spawn before I allow those damned Orcs to take it back!” Bertram really had no intentions of blowing up the Shrine of Prosperity if for no other reason than not to hear Lord Alexander complain about it. And as if on cue.

“You’ll do no such thing,” Lord Alexander proclaimed! “These dwarfs and their contraptions will most assuredly hold the line! They just need a bit of inspiration!” Ivar and Gruffus simultaneously rolled their eyes and carried on with their preparations. Killing Lord Alexander and heading back underground would be a better plan. They’d spent the majority of the year defending this particular pile of rocks and as long as the money kept flowing, they would continue to do so. But it was wearing on them greatly. Not much was left to defend. The Orcs fought fiercely to reclaim it and had done so for nearly 100 years. The area around it was devastated, marked with years of fighting and death. Robot and orc remains were everywhere, some covered by growth as the land tried to recover and cover up the destruction. Ivar wondered why keeping this place was important anymore. There was certainly nothing prosperous about it now. Lord Alexander had spent a pretty penny hiring Bertram and his crew, paying a premium to drag them from their subterranean stronghold and the treasures that were here had long ago disappeared.

The Shrine of Prosperity was built nearly 100 years ago by Lord Alexander’s grandfather, Sir Ivan Bandleshore. It was originally intended to be a well. Sir Ivan had discovered an underground spring while excavating the area for his summer home and decided that this particular spot would be perfect for one. While digging down to the spring, he unearthed what appeared to be an ancient burial ground filled with gold, gems and artifacts of great worth. His greed blinded him to the consequences of digging it all up. There were rumors that an Orc burial ground and temple for worship of the Mountain God, Kog’Tepet were in the area but there had been no signs of it for many years. He probably should have looked harder for those signs. It didn’t take long for the Orcs to start attacking...


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I like it though I do not like that I was bored enough by this to take my own crack at bunny fanfic.

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Lol. I'd like to read that!