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06-16-2013, 02:24 PM

I just recently purchased the game! I had been waiting quite a time for it and love all things that have to do with the Arkhamverse games.

A friend and I played our first game last night and liked it although it took nearly 2 hours to finish (we went in cold turkey and read the rules as we went which was probably not the best way to start). Anyway, I was Batman and as I had read, it was very, very difficult. As the game went on I found myself without enough combat cards. Then I found the FAQ on this site that said the house rule was to draw 2 combat cards instead of 1, which helped greatly. Also, I failed to see the other rule that Batman could skip his turn and draw 3 combat cards instead. That would of helped too I'm sure.

Anyway, I have a few questions and need some clarification on some rules:

1. Is the only way Batman can fight a villain by using combat cards? There were many times I could not fight because lack of cards. I played the first game as the rules indicated, using the four suggested gadgets. It appears the bat gel could be used as a weapon too, so maybe that will help next time?

2. The batarang seemed a little disappointing to me. It can only be used to stun opponents if you lose a fight and also for destroying penguin terrain? I would of liked to have seen the batarang used to stun opponents from not moving their next turn, since the villains seem to move off the board rather quickly. Also, can characters "move through" other characters? For example, can a villain move through Batman or would they have to fight him if they wanted to move through him?

3. The Penguin gets a bonus for henchmen on the board. Does he have to be occupying the same space as them for that bonus to work?

4. When Alley cards appear on the board does Batman have to occupy their space for them to activate that turn, or do they activate every turn no matter what (excluding being captured by a villain and taken hostage)? I have the same question concerning the Penguins for the villain side.

I really like the game and I'm sure as I play more i will get better strategies playing as Batman. It seems to me this game could lend itself to a lot of "house rules".

06-16-2013, 06:34 PM
1. Yes, you must play cards to fight. The Gel is like a free attack, so it can help a lot.
2. Batarang is also the only Utility Belt item that can be used during the Villain turn. Over time, you will come to appreciate it more. The Remote Electrical Charge prevents Villains from moving. Wouldn't want two things doing that.
3. No
4. Allies and Penguins work without any help.

Glad you came here with those good questions and saw the "Draw 2" rule. That should help, and as you play Batman more, he does become easier to play.