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06-20-2013, 10:15 AM
I heard about Hex and got into the KS about 2 days before it ended. I only got the $20 tier, but upon learning more of the game i kinda wish i got a higher tier. Theres still a fair amount of questions that i have and there doesnt seem to be any one single location for a lot of small questions i have. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to these:

1) Will creating a new deck allow you to select from your total pool of found cards, or will cards already used in one deck not be useable when making a new deck?

2) Are there any (or plans for) multi-threshold creatures of differing colors?

3) Will there be any ability to earn packs (with PvP cards) through gameplay alone?

4) How can you tell a PvE only card from a PvP card?

5) For the VIP booster pack, do you have to log in every week to claim it, or will they automatically be added to your account as time passes?

6) Will Cryptozoic permit more than one account per person?

7) Will i be able to trade a card with a player (without using the auction house) either by "gifting" a card or a private sale?

8) Is there any intention of having rotating, multi-set modes or single-set construction modes?

9) The beta will not be wiped, but will any alpha packs/progression be?

10) Will there be the ability to purchase booster boxes that may contain a few extra "bonus" packs?

06-20-2013, 10:21 AM
1. Total Pool.

2. Not for Set 1, but possibly and probably in the future.

3. Not currently and if there are, it will be extremely limited.

4. There is a 'monster' symbol at the bottom of PvE cards.

5. In theory, it should be added to your account automatically every week.

6. Yes, but with stipulations. Examples: Abuse of VIP system, CC registration, etc.

7. In theory, yes.

8. At the moment, yes. Current information suggest 2-Block rotations. One block typically includes three sets.

9. Beta WILL be wiped (this is misinformation that is not clarified); however, beta will not be wiped after a certain point (current information suggests after payments start being accepted). Progression will be wiped prior to going no-wipe. It is the only scenario that makes logical sense.

10. Currently unknown.

06-20-2013, 10:22 AM
1) Total pool. So if you have 4 cards of X. And all 4 are in Deck A, you can also have them in Deck B without affecting anything.

2) Yes, probably in the future.

3) You can earn packs via PvP winning tournaments/matchs/drafts. They said there may be a few packs earned in PvE, however it will be very few and not a major source of those cards.

4) Look at the rarity, if to the left of the color is an orange mask-like symbol. It is PvE only. PvE only cards are earned... well in PvE. PvP cards only come from boosters and such.

5) Unknown

6) Yes, HOWEVER each account must have it's own credit card number, and no abuse should be used (they will watch) when it comes to multiple accounts

7) Yes

8) Yes, they said they at least for now plan probably a block being 3 sets big. Much like MTG does their constructed tournaments.

9) Alpha will be whipped, Beta May have a whipe in it. HOWEVER once they hand out kickstarter/slacker backer rewards in the Beta, it is now basically Operational more or less. (people just cannot join until it is released)

10) Unknown, however probably not. Since each pack has a treasure chest in it that can have extra cards, PvE equipment, boosters etc. (a small bonus)

06-20-2013, 10:25 AM
1) You'll be able to use the same cards in multiple decks, so no worries about having to take out of one deck to put in another.
2) They won't do it in the first couple of sets, but it's definitely design space they'll explore. Definitely.
3) I believe there might be one faction that might reward you with a booster or two for doing something, but you won't be able to acquire a large amount of packs via PvP. Potentially, you could earn gold (the PvE currency) and buy them off players, but if players are willing to sell boosters for gold it'll be for huuuuuge amounts.
4) The PvE only card has a little golden-mask like symbol near the rarity (bottom center), such as with http://hex.potion-of-wit.com/card.php?c=45
5) Not sure on this one - if they haven't already explained it though I'm sure they will.
6) They will, as long as they have a different credit card linked to each, and as long as a player only signs up to the VIP program one one account.
7) I'm pretty sure you can, but we don't know much about technicalities like this. I'm almost certain you'll be able to trade outside of the auction house though, which will include trading for nothing (that is, giving cards and gear).
8) Their constructed format will likely be the last few blocks. They're just starting out here, but they'll eventually have many different formats.
9) Alpha will have a wipe, but beta will be maintained. You also won't get given any KS rewards until Beta. Alpha is just to reward investors with a sneak peek and bit of early gameplay really.
10) Potentially - though I don't think they've announced any such plans as yet.

06-20-2013, 10:25 AM
1) Total pool. So if you have 4 cards of X. And all 4 are in Deck A, you can also have them in Deck B without affecting anything.

This is awesome! I always hated stealing from one deck to create another, leaving placeholders lands, etc.

06-20-2013, 10:26 AM
Going from memory here, so I may be off on a few items.

1) Cards can be shared between decks
2) Yes, but not in Set 1
3) Very limited, there was talk of a PvP dungeon that eases new players into PvP and may reward a couple of packs. You may be able to sell rare and legendary PvE cards / equipment for plat, which you could then use on boosters. PvP commons are likely to be available for gold on the Auction House
4) There is an orange symbol on the bottom of PvE cards
5) It's should be automatic, when it's not they have explicitly stated otherwise for other bonuses
6) Each account should have a unique CC, mainly to prevent abuse of the VIP system
7) Yes
8) Yes
9) Yes alpha will be wiped
10) Nothing like that has been announced yet