View Full Version : Ipad/Mobile Hex...

06-22-2013, 01:02 PM
This might seem like a small concern, but is a huge thing for me personally and
the longevity of the game in general I think.

Please design the controls of the tablet version in a way, that gives very easy
and comfortable access to the "pass priority" button and/or hotkeys (f4/f6 magic).

I imagine something like your thumb when you hold the tablet in your hands is
able to hit the button...

Its fine to drag and drop and target with your fingers as usual ... but I cant imagine
playing multiple drafts, tournaments or pve, all while permanently aiming and hitting
10 times/turn just to move through the motions.

This is a very important quality of life thing and most likely easily detectible via
normal QA teams. But just in case this needs any attention it now got it.

+1 for comfort UI design on tablets.
(I have a lot of pain in my underarms and can no longer play real sessions at the pc...
because of the clicking with the mouse the tablet is my great hope to play many hours
of hex/hearthstone without any pain.)