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06-25-2013, 05:21 PM
I am not sure if that feature or similar idea can be applied here but that is one great gamble and a good gold sink


I tried to look for a video but I can't find one and it's been years since I played GE

c. Gold Pieces and The Golden Well
Ah, my personal favourite. For those who don't know about it, the Golden Well is located on Channel 1 in the Thueringen (spell check?) Lakeside directly outside the City of Auch Main Gate. The Golden Well is like playing the lottery, though you almost always win! Here's a basic guide how it works - I will add a picture guide when I get the chance:

Obtain as many Gold Pieces as you can. Gold Pieces can be found as a common drop in Dr Torsche's Mansion, or you can buy them from the Precious Ores NPC in Auch for 165vis each. In order to make the most of the Golden Well, I'd recommend bringing at least a few thousand pieces. Between 5000 and 8000 pieces is good.
Go and see the Golden Well. Remember, Outside of Auch, Channel 1 only.
Open up your Inventory using Alt+V. This should open only the right side Inventory and not your equipment.
Pick up the Gold Pieces from your Inventory and drag them directly onto the Golden Well. It will then ask you how many pieces you would like to drop in. The maximum is 50 Gold Pieces per drop. I'd recommend dropped at least 40 to 50 pieces at a time. This will give you an approx. 50% chance to receive a Bellem's Box.
Rinse and repeat. Keep dropping in 40-50 pieces at a time and watch those Bellem's Boxes fly into your Inventory.

About Jackpot
After a certain number of pieces have filled the Golden Well, it will Jackpot to a random dropper. What this means is that all the gold pieces are transformed into Gold Bars (I think its 2000 pieces per 1 gold bar) and are given to a random family who is dropping Gold Pieces into the well. A bunch of Gold Pieces will also fall to the ground. This is the moment everyone strives for. 1 Gold bar sells for 150k to an NPC which is very nice, especially if you receive a nice Jackpot. The biggest amount I've ever seen anyone get is about 52 Gold bars, which equals to 7.8m Vis. Not a bad day's profit indeed.

The biggest advantage of the Well is that, not only can you get the Jackpot, but you will always surely get a bunch of Bellem's Boxes. Let's work out the Math here shall we:
5,000 Gold Pieces = 825,000 Vis.
5,000 Gold Pieces / 50 Pieces per Drop = 100 drops.
If the chance to receive a Bellem's Box is 50%, then:
100 Drops / 50% = 50 Bellem's Boxes. This value will change, sometimes you'll receive a bunch more, or a bit less.
In Cervantes, Bellem's Boxes are around the 17-18k mark. If you sell 50 for:
18,000 Each = 900,000 Vis. Profit of 75,000 Vis.
17,000 Each = 850,000 Vis. Profit of 25,000 Vis.

Now let's say that you pump all 5,000 Pieces into the well and happen to receive a Jackpot from the 5,000 Gold Pieces. Not only will you get the 50 odd Bellem's Boxes but you should also get 2 Gold Bars (2,000 Pieces per Gold Bar) and a bunch of Gold Pieces, thus bringing your estimated profit up to about 400k. Now 400k is a huge profit for something extremely easy to pull off.

Updated Note: I'm not sure about other servers as I play on Cervantes only, but the price for Bellem's Boxes have been dropping significantly because of the well. If you want to continue to make money using this method, please don't sell Bellem's Boxes for under 16,500Vis each. 16,500Vis is the break-even price. Selling for any lower than this will result in you losing money over time.

Of course the only downside of the Golden Well is that you need money in order to start working it properly. I didn't start using the Golden Well till I was about the Level 50 mark and was earning money quite easily from loots + sales/reselling. It is however, well worth the time if you want to have a bit of fun, and possibly make a decent profit out of it.

The idea behind this is people can put gold anytime (between 1 to 50) and there is a random number and if yor are the one who contributed and hit that number, you get the pot

This can be implemented on Hex too as it's just a well where we can put in gold and hopefully we hit the jackpot

This can be a good gold sink too. The well can just give out 80% of the total gold and maybe some treasure chests or anything else that they think might be good to add the the price.

When you enter the page with the well, and someone is putting gold in, it will have a message like
...100 gold is thrown in the well
...1 gold is thrown in the well
...20 gold is thrown in the well
...100 gold is thrown in the well

No names will be shown, only the max amount of gold is in the well (it can also be hidden to make it more exciting)

The well has a down time of 1 hour (I think) after someone got the price so it can reset properly. So no one can put in gold after the jackpot has been hit (to prevent any glitches).

It is more exciting in GE before because there are items that can summon high level monsters and people usually use them when there are a lot of people in the well or if the pot is getting high and want to throw off the people putting in gold. This is not feasible on hex until the time where there will be a MASSIVE boss that hundreds / thousands of people can fight at the same time and still have a hard time

I am just imagining seeing a golden well (or whatever it will be called) on hex and seeing a lot of amount of gold being donated hoping that the gold they just got from the dungeon can multiple

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Hey Majin. That sounds like fun, but it doesn't seem like much of a gold sink, since you generally break even or pull a profit.

It still sounds fun though :)

06-25-2013, 05:48 PM
Looks like fun..they can also extent it to include mats and other stuff and the rewards can vary from packs, gold, xp boosts etc

06-25-2013, 07:12 PM
Hey Majin. That sounds like fun, but it doesn't seem like much of a gold sink, since you generally break even or pull a profit.

It still sounds fun though :)

it will be a gold sink if only 80% of all the total 'wishes' are returned as jackpot, the 20% goes up in smoke :)