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07-15-2013, 12:54 AM
Hey all! I was really impressed by the Living Totem's legendary boots, and got to thinking about the best way to use it. I figured it could do well splashed into a Ruby Aggro deck, with the Totem buffing all those high-attack Orcs with Flight. I put together a deck around the idea; obviously, we're missing a lot of necessary info, but I figured I'd march on with the tools we have. I'd love feedback!

x4 Savage Raider - At 2/1, a great start to any aggro deck.

x4 Burn - Can help with aggro, or deal with problematic troops via direct damage or combat tricks.

x4 Living Totem - MVP. Gives my Orcs wings, among other delicious buffs.

x4 Ruby Pyromancer - Kind of a must-have in any aggro deck. That inspire is mad useful.

x3 Chimera Guard Captain - I'm a little worried about the double threshold, but this guy is insane with Flight, and will be racking up +1/+1s like nobody's business.

x3 Inner Conflict - Removal is always snazzy, even in an aggro deck.

x3 The Crowd Roars - Incredible combat trick, or last-turn finisher.

x4 Rage Monger - The exhaust ability is bananas, tossing any stray flyers out of the way of my onslaught. And with 3 attack, it's exactly the sort of troop that loves the Totem's buffs.

x3 Zoltog - If Zoltog and a Totem both get on the field, that's pretty much game over. My flying orcs will be spawning ludicrous amounts of Savage Raiders, who may soon enter the skies themselves.

x3 Te'talca, Orc Gladiator - If all else fails, Te'talca basically ensures victory if I can transform her. Ideally, my flying orcs will be well on their way to victory by the time she could ascend, but it's always nice to have multiple ways of winning.

x15 Ruby Resources

x10 Diamond Resources

Mercenary: Zoltog, or a normal Champion if they end up being better suited

Helm: Barbaric Helm (When Savage Raiders attack, it and another troop gains +1/+1)
Armor: Wraps of the Arena Champion (When Zoltog is in play, all orcs get +1/+1)
Weapon: Lion's Pride (When Chimera Guards deal damage to a champ, create another Chimera Guard in your hand)
Hands: Conflagration Wraps (Burn does an insane 4 damage)
Boots: Battleborn Boots (Makes my Totems buff friggin everyone)
Trinket: Didn't see one I liked, so Bursting Bauble I guess? (One of my troops duels an opponent's troop when The Crowd Roars is played)

Of course, we've seen very few PVE cards, and they seem to be quite powerful in general, so I'd imagine half of these cards would be switched out by the PVE endgame.

The strategy is to get plenty of resources and a ton of relatively low-cost troops on the table so that I'll have plenty of extra shards to turn into Totem buffs. Should that fail, Zoltog and Te'talca can serve as bombs (hopefully a Totem will have eaten any removal), and cards like The Crowd Roars and Inner Conflict can help me regain any lost momentum.

In terms of weaknesses, I should be able to rock past any individual removal, but Extinction would ruin me, as I lack the high-cost troops that are best at recovering from that. I'm also worried that I don't have enough orcs to make full use of Zoltog's synergy; maybe it'd be best to swap out the Chimera Guards or Inner Conflicts for Wrathseekers, though I prefer smaller-cost cards.


07-16-2013, 09:42 AM
Did you consider Infusion of Ruby?

Having a flock of Rage 2 orcs flying around would be like the Wicked Witch's Monkey Soldiers combined with WWF wrestlers.

07-16-2013, 10:35 AM
Hmm. That's a good call. I think if Zoltog is the merc, I can rely on his charge power for that. But if I choose another hero, Infusion of Ruby could certainly have a place. Maybe swap out some Inner Conflicts for it, as 4-damage Burns might have me covered on the removal front.