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08-12-2013, 08:04 PM
Hey folks,

While I'm very much aware that no decklist is final (well at least, shouldn't be final) until the full first set of cards is spoiled, but in the interest of keeping the forums active and all that, I thought I'd post my current wild/diamond midrange decklist for PvP.

// Champion
Dimmid (DD, 2 charges: target troop gains lifedrain this turn)
While likely not doing much against a control deck, I foresee the first iteration of the metagame being largely populated by various aggro decks, in which case a champion that provides lifedrain could prove the difference in aggro races.

// Sources - 25
11 Wild Source
14 Diamond Source
Pretty standard - more weight towards diamond as it has the only double threshold card until 6 mana, by which point I should surely have a second wild thresh.

// Troops - 27
4 Pack Raptor
4 Living Totem
4 Master Beast Rider (w/ fight gem)
4 Wild Root Dancer
4 Ascetic Aspirant
4 Phoenix Guard Aeronaut
2 Jadiim
1 His Majesty, King Gabriel
Pack Raptor's a pretty good early drop due to swiftstrike stopping many attackers, and if the opponent allows me to get multiples out they just get more and more above curve. Living Totem is on curve, good against early aggression, and provides a mana sink as well as having the potential to become a legitimate wincon if I want to follow that line of play. Master Beast Rider is, at worst, 1 for 1 removal against any creature that's X/4 or less; at best it's a 2-for-1 which is always welcome in midrange. Killing most 4-or-less cost troops and leaving behind a 2/2? Yes please! Wild Root Dancer provides above curve power for its cost as long as you get to play a single resource after you cast it, and it makes all your early drops relevant. Ascetic Aspirant is only slightly below curve and will still pose a roadblock to early troops in an aggressive matchup, but if allowed to do the full transformation into The Transcended, he's a hugely powerful wincon. While I wish there were a better 5 drop, at the very least Aeronaut is evasive and messes with the opponent's tempo. Finally, Jadiim and King Gabriel offer some raw power to the deck. King Gabriel might be stretching it though at 7 mana (and the third card above 5), and I might cut him out for a good, cheaper creature like a singleton Rose Lion.

// Non-troops - 8
4 Wild Growth
4 Inner Conflict
Pretty standard stuff - 8 removal spells. I'm not the biggest fan of combat tricks (that is, Wild Growth) in a competitive PvP deck given that they leave your troop vulnerable to a 2-for-1, but it does synergise well with quite a few of the troops in the deck, and there isn't a huge amount of removal to choose from out of the currently spoiled cards. On the plus side, it can suddenly end a game if your opponent's health is in danger territory and you get an unblocked attacker through.

// Sideboard - ?
I won't really be working on sideboards until we start to see what the metagame will look like. However, I just thought I'd mention that it's highly likely that at least one copy of Eternal Youth would make it into the sideboard, given that against certain decks it could make it impossible for them to win (basically against any deck that can't get rid of a not attacking, not blocking Transcended). This kind of combo is one of the few times that I think that card is competitively playable.

Anyway, enjoy the list!


08-13-2013, 10:12 AM
Needless to say, your deck looks incredibly well-crafted. Pack Raptor seems to guarantee a good start, as it'll pair up favorably against every 1-cost we've seen so far except Shin'hare Militia. If you're really unhappy with the Aeronaut, Ambershire Instigator might be worth sideboarding, as that rage/crush can get a win if the opponent can't check it. Though I imagine there are a few more good 5-costs yet to be revealed.

Thanks for posting it! We've seen a lot of PVE in this neck of the woods, so it's great to get some PvP dialogue going.

08-13-2013, 12:28 PM
For pvp I personally would probably show more interest for Petulant Wyldebeest over Pack Raptor. Without the draw equipment in PvP for Pack Raptor, I wouldn't like my deck being filled with non-draw 1 resource cards even if they did boost each other. Even though Petulant Wyldebeest is reshuffled into the deck, its 3/3 quick hit, and later a possible 6/6 with speed makes it tempting. I would probably just skip the 1 resource troop drop and perhaps get Sapper's Charge. Thats just my personal preference though.

I like the deck, but out of curiosity, no interest for Chlorophyllia?

08-13-2013, 12:44 PM
Firstly, this is not the deck for Petulant Wyldebeast. Because of the card disadvantage, the Wyldebeast belongs in a short-range aggro deck, as the chances are very high that you won't redraw it. So it's effectively a Lightning Bolt to the face, and decks that are willing to do that are short-range.

Pack Raptor's good here largely because of swiftstrike - it makes it very handy in combat, especially when combined with Wild Root Dancer or Wild Growth. Multiple Pack Raptors certainly would be nice, but the deck doesn't require them. Playtesting will be important for the 1 drop though; Rune-Ear Commander could end up proving better.

Sapper's Charge isn't the most efficient at 3 mana for 2 damage - and the Pack Raptor is good in the vs-aggro matchup, which is likely to be this deck's toughest. If I were to change a 1 drop for the Charge, it'd be the Wild Growth, and if that ends up being an option will depend on future spoilers and how they shape the meta.

Chlorophyllia's better for a ramp deck that actually needs to get up to its fat drops. A mid range deck like this has value all throughout the curve. I'm more than happy to play Wild Root Dancer on turn 3, Ascetic Aspirant on turn 4 and Phoenix Guard Aeronaut on turn 5, instead of Chlorophyllia into Jadiim. While definitely potent, if I don't have the follow-up Jadiim (or Gabriel on turn 5) then Chlorophyllia has been more or less a waste.

And sure, it's a neat little trick with the Root Dancer, but I'd rather be drawing some gas instead. Not to mention that I've already got 2 playsets of 3 drops which are better than it (Beast Rider + Root Dancer).