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08-17-2013, 12:40 PM

the idea of this deck is that since ebonrock gets free charge he can abuse wrath of zakiir to get to all those sweet free burns,of course the wrath is an expensive card so the other half of the deck is green and use mana acceleration,but wait! ebonrock turns everybody into an artifact and green also loves swarming so the whole thing gets completed with some shin'hare card

4x sensei of the milky eye - cantrip,gets you to wrath earlier
3x secret laboratory - same idea
4x runts of the litter - free 3 artifact troops
3x wild root dancer - solid unit,with equipment brings another elf with him
3x ritualist of the spring litter - more mana acceleration,with the equipment it brings an extra bunny with her
3x hex engine - mana acceleration AND an artifact
3x clorophylia - more mana acceleration
3x the wrath of zakiir - the star of the deck
3x master theorycrafter - deals damage equal to number of creature you control? sounds good for a shin'hare deck
3x elimination specialist - like the master theorycrafter but it bombs unit instead
3x volcannon - the volcannon is a great way to put all those artifact like shin'hare into actual damage
2x malfunctioning war bot - some artifact filler


ash walkers - great for abusing the cannon
cavorting chestguard - makes wildroot bring a pal
ritualistic blade - makes the ritualist bring a pal
pawn's trap - make one of the wrath of zakiir cheaper
gardener hat/dragon mind/firewalker helm - the gardener hat makes you ramp earlier making you reach 4 instantly (there are a lot of 4 card),the dragon mind works wonder with the synergy of the whole deck and the firewalker helm turns the volcannon into removal if it's needed so all 3 are pretty good choice's
no gloves

ideal changes

- use concubunny instead of wildroot dancer
- use mortar strike and use the elimination special equip (Artifact Meltdown Protocol Switch) that let you play mortar strike for free so you can have a decent way to use the gloves slot
- put some burn and use the conflagration gloves
- maybe there is some unrevealed glove equipment for the card that don't have equipment so far?

08-18-2013, 01:03 AM
Interesting idea, but to make the battle hoppers into artifact troops will require ebonrock to be lvl 20, so you will not have the full effects of this deck right away.

I would look into Charge Bot if Wrath of Zalkir is your main win condition over the malfunctioning warbots. It smooths out when you can activate the charge effects, plus gives you the artifact troop to help out the Elimination Specialists and Master Theorycrafters.

Also, since this is clearly a PvE only deck, and you are looking for draw/cantrips and artifacts, i would recommend 4xSpectral lotuses, if you can get them. With a few thousand people who have access to lotus gardens, im sure you can pick some up early before the price becomes unreasonable (or message me, i got king tier as well). You don't even have to crack them, they can just be set on the field for no mana cost, draw you a card, and count as an artifact where that matters.

Also, with that much ramp, I wouln't pass up Argus, herald of doom as a one-off.

08-18-2013, 06:12 AM
ah yes the charge bot are a nice idea,somehow they weren't in the deckbuilder i used but if they were i'd definetely use it instead of the malfunctioning war bot

as for the lotus,i expect them to be rare,expensive and sort of "put them everywhere"... so i really didn't think about them... don't they get wasted and turn into those tiger card when you use them anyway?

EDIT: oh i see what you mean about lotus,sorry i fail at reading comprehension

08-20-2013, 09:48 AM
Ebonrocke is by far the best merc spoiled so far, so many possibilities...

what is the point of the root dancer in here? he only makes your troops a little big bigger, while you only count artifacts for damage.
wrath of zakiir the star? 7 resource to deal 3 damage each turn, you should be able to win before you can play this card...
add the 4 lotus for free artifact and carddraw as mentioned.
a bit low on cheap cards...

08-20-2013, 02:22 PM
the root dancer brings a pal with the equipment,really any other card that says "and he bring a pals" would fit... that's why i said maybe concubunny would be a better fit

08-20-2013, 02:40 PM
IMO, the best part of Wrath of Zakiir isn't the charge power, but the fact that troops without flying can't attack you. So ramping into it very quickly can actually screw the opponent entirely if they aren't running fliers. With that in mind, the charge power could actually win you the game if your opponent can't do enough flying damage or find some constant removal over 7 turns. :-P

You do need 4 Spectral Lotus. And yes, I said need, because you're running Ebonrock, and your deck's centrepiece is 7 mana. Reverse Engineering the lotus on turn 2, then all you need to do is hit 4 resources by turn 4 and voila, you've got your 7 mana.

Beyond that the rest of the deck could be virtually anything, though cards that will dig you into the Wrath or help you survive for those first 3 turns will certainly help. ;-)

08-20-2013, 05:04 PM
if you reverse engineer the lotus and then use it would it count as using the lotus? i wonder if they tought of such a loophole

08-20-2013, 06:22 PM
Same issue happens with dopplegadget

08-20-2013, 11:23 PM
What do you mean does it count?

Do you mean, does the Lotus turn into a Black Tiger? Well, I'd imagine not, as the Lotus is still in your deck; the Reverse Engineering gets turned into a Black Tiger, but that gets created at the start of every game (ie. it's not going permanently away).

It's not really a loophole at all; it's simply using Reverse Engineering to become the best artifact. ;-)

Dopplegadget's scary, and will require a test... now that he actually transforms into the artifact, he himself will becomes the Spectral Lotus, so if he's a Lotus and transforms, he could very well become a Black Tiger forever. >.<