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08-18-2013, 01:37 AM
I recently found a card in the Hex data mine that I think can be really over powered.

The Ancestors chosen: at the beginning of every turn, put two 2/2 flying spirit that cantrips for 1 mana into your deck.

On its own, its a pretty good card, but if at any point in the game, you are able to get out The Transcended, it can be broken

The transcended replaces all draw effects with library searches. Simply fetch Dream Dance as your first card, cast it, and search for one of the spirits off the draw from Dream Dance. Play said spirit for free, and use that draw to find another spirit. Repeat as necessary, finishing off the chain of events with another Ancestors Chosen. If you cannot finish off your opponent during the following turn, you can always search up and play more spirits.

08-18-2013, 01:38 AM
Also, in PvE, if you want to dip into having a 3 color deck, this can go infinite with Pack Raptor if you have the equipment that lets you draw a card if you play one.

08-18-2013, 01:58 AM
The Transcended isn't broken, with this or otherwise. You have to play Ascetic Aspirant, wait a turn, transform it, have the Enlightened Seeker survive without being able to cast any protective spells for as many turns as it takes to get you 6+ cards at the end of your turn, then at the start of your next turn you'll finally get the transform. Essentially, it's very conditional but whether you include hijinx or not, it's going to likely win you the game (if you make it to the Transcended) by pinpointing exactly what cards you want at a given time. The main thing going for the card in general right now is that there's limited removal that will nullify his abilities, especially at quick-speed.

Having said all that, this is probably the equal best method of using him in constructed PvP, with the ease of use once its running being offset by needing to have the Ancestor's Chosen out for at least a turn beforehand (not to mention that playing out any cards before getting to the Transcended delays his transformation from Enlightened Seeker). While in terms of power this falls behind my preferred combo, this one does have the upside of only including cards which you might run anyway, whereas the other one includes 2 cards in the deck which are just for the combo and largely useless outside of it, so they're probably about equal.

Pack Raptor infinite in PvE isn't exactly new though. :-P

08-18-2013, 02:17 AM
Well, what people ignore with Enlightened Seeker/The Transcended, is that you would probably also include decent mana sinks as blockers or something to keep you going while he is about to crack. Living Totem would be an auto-include, and Soul Marble would also have a nice fit here (with the added bonus of protecting The Transcended after he comes out). In Sapphire, Void Leech Phantasm is a nice blocker with the added counterspell effect. You can play Oracle Song shortly before you transform him to fill out your hand. The best part is that all of these cards are useful outside of the whole 'waiting for the transformation' period, and are generally useful on their own.

08-18-2013, 02:44 AM
Don't get me wrong, he's good. But he's not broken. You just listed all these ways to protect him - that's exactly the thing; he usually needs protection, and for multiple turns at that. ^^ I mean, at least 4 colors have ways to directly remove him once he's a 0/1 Enlightened Seeker (Murder, wild fight gem, Dingler, burn spells), and the kind of protection you need for him has to be on the board before he's the Seeker (given that you can't play cards once he is), so it's extremely telegraphed. I mean, you play a Phantasm to protect him, and they get at least the end of your turn plus the start of their's to remove him - and possibly longer, given that you played a card from your hand, likely increasing the amount of cards you need before he transforms.

Soul Marble at this point likely isn't going to be competitively viable, given that it costs 11 mana to do anything, which is terrible in aggro matchups (which will likely be a large part of the early meta). Living Totem isn't an auto include in any deck, but in this deck he'd be good for the reason you mentioned (except playing any cards before Aspirant usually delays his transformation into Transcended, which is one of the reasons he isn't broken). Void Leech is certainly a great card in this deck or others, but his issue is that he's 4 mana, so you'd be running 8 4-drops at this point which is more than most decks want. Oracle Song is good in control, but it only gets you +1 to your hand, and if you haven't been playing any troops before Song/Aspirant you're still going to struggle against aggro.

Basically, don't try and force it too much. As I said, it's one of the best ways to use him, and you could easily include both 4x Ancestors and 4x Aspirant in a sapphire/diamond midrange or control deck without feeling like you need one or the other to win (Ancestor's Chosen is great for control and decent for midrange; Aspirant is far below curve for midrange, and should win if he's allowed to transform). You don't need to force the combo in any way more than that. Personally, I'd probably only include one Dream Dance in that sort of deck - do the transform, Dream Dance with the search, play as many of the tokens as I can, and hopefully have mana up for Countermagic if I need to use it, then lean on that boardstate which should be more than adequate.

Edit: I must stress, I'm countering the notion that he's broken - he certainly has a lot of potential and is good, but the conditional requirements for getting him to the Transcended make him balanced. As for the Ancestor's Chosen + Transcended + possible Dream Dance idea, that's good, and again, one of the better ways to use the Transcended.