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08-27-2013, 01:49 PM
I'm not looking for CZE to implement this at all. It's just an idea I had that I thought I'd toss out here for others to comment on. This is - for all intents and purposes - just for fun. Un-fun-ness, trolling, style cramping, condescension, and other forms of dickitude will be not tolerated.

The idea is this...
The match brings an expedited PvE experience to a structured PvP match.
Champions start out as basic level 1s, very similar to how they are now. Throughout the match you can build them up to higher levels. You defeat your opponent by breaking their mind (decking), killing them (life to zero), or dominating them (accruing X influence).

Decks are 60 to 80 cards.
Your champ starts at level 1. At levels 1, 3, and 5 you gain 2 life and a charge power. The first charge is very low impact and cheap to cast, the second charge is a stronger mid-cost ability, and the third charge is a very expensive game-changer. At levels 2 and 4, the champ gets 1/1 resources, 1 threshold of your choosing, and 7 life. Increases of life are non-counterable and occur even if a "don't gain life" condition exists on the field.
At level 6, your champion begins exerting influence over the board; it is gained at 1 influence per turn (only when level 6). Once a certain amount of influence is accrued (10?), you dominate the opponent and win the game (assuming the other win conditions have not been met first).
Only one champion can be at level 6. By a means I haven't figured out yet, it will be possible to bring your opponent back down to 5 after they hit level 6. Currently I'm thinking something like: The cost to reach level 6 increases each time someone pays it, and taking level 6 from your opponent means paying the new, increased price for it. So if it takes 20 exp to hit level 6 for the first person to get it, the second person has to hit 25. Something like that. If the person who hit 20 first also hits the next benchmark (25 in this example), then the other player would have to go to the next benchmark after that (30) to take level 6.

Your champ's level is raised by gaining experience. I haven't exactly figured out how experience is gained yet, but I want it to force a choice between building on typical strategies (board presence, direct damage, milling, etc) and leveling your champ.
Overall the game is intended to be longer than a standard PvP match, but it's not supposed to turn into a grind-fest where each match is 28 hours long and players are resorting to poop socks so they don't lose on a timer run-down.

So you're constantly trying to balance between holding your opponent down, building yourself up, and working toward a win condition. The intent - whether I achieved that here or not - is to create meaningful choices that go beyond the cards. It places a lot more emphasis on the champs than normal PvP does, but they won't be as overpowered as standard PvE appears to have them be.

That's it. It's not super well explained or developed, but the gist of it is there. Have at it.

08-27-2013, 03:25 PM
So you're constantly trying to balance between holding your opponent down, building yourself up, and working toward a win condition.

That describes normal PvP, so I wouldn't say your additions are quite changing the player experience. You have certainly complicated it by adding on an RPG leveling element/Civilization-style Culture-based victory condition.

The intent - whether I achieved that here or not - is to create meaningful choices that go beyond the cards.

But wouldn't cards be the only determinate of a champion's EXP gain, and thus, their Influence gain? So these new features would still be entirely dependent on card-based choices.

08-28-2013, 08:16 AM
These days I've only been able to post while at work. My posting gets jammed in where it can fit, and it's usually a bit scattered-brained and poorly explained. This is one of those things. I was trying to get the general idea out so it could be built on - I don't really have the time to fully explore every side street and alleyway at the moment.

08-28-2013, 01:22 PM
Experience gain can be earned by utilizing in game resources at rates determined by how detrimental they are to the player...generally.

The resources on hand that I see are: Life, cards in deck, cards in hand, cards in play, cards in graveyard, and shards. So maybe something along the lines of:
1 Exp - Exhaust resource, remove a card from graveyard from the game or pay 2 life.
2 Exp - Exhaust a troop, remove a threshold.
3 Exp - Discard a card from hand, mill 5 cards.

As for lvl 6... maybe at lvl 5 it unlocks the capability to "challenge" opponent to gain lvl 6 (old L5R players can think of the Imperial Favor), where whoever exhausts the largest cumulative attack value of troops, or whoever discards the most cards, etc. in response to the challenge. Maybe even the opponent chooses the contest?
Ex. Player 1 declares a challenge for lvl 6. (Optional, Player 2 chooses "Discard" challenge), Player 1 discards X cards, Player 2 may respond by discarding X+1 cards to prevent the level gain or pass and Player one reaches lvl 6. During subsequent turns Player 2 (if lvl 5) may challenge in the same way to take lvl 6 from Player 1.

Just a couple ideas for you Rob. I'm not sure I am wrapping my brain entirely around the concept, so I don't know if any of this stirs up more ideas for you. I look forward to hearing more though.