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09-01-2013, 03:27 PM
Hi all,

I have done the same for other TCG in the past (mainly for my own) but apparently others liked the idea. So I have decided to do the same for HEX. Basically, I created a PDF of all the HEX cards revealed so far with exception of DragonCon 2013 spoilers. Using bookmark functionality, I have separated cards into shards, champion, and resource. With further demand, and more availability of all cards, I may even further divide into PvE vs. PvP, or perhaps even among the card types e.g. Quick Action vs. Troop.

In any event, I hope this would be useful for some. You can basically download and carry with your mobile device.

If Cryptozoic find this is infringement or copyright by any means, please let me know. I can take down the file immediately.

Lastly,I am aware some files are bigger in size than the others. This is because the source file I got was from hextcgbrowser and that's how they have their images.



09-02-2013, 03:21 PM
This is awesome, thanks man.

09-02-2013, 03:45 PM
This is awesome, thanks man.

Glad someone liked it. :)

09-02-2013, 06:43 PM
Well, however much I usually try not to look at card lists, just because I like the surprise, HEX isn't going to be available to be played for almost a month still--and that's just Alpha. So I'll take a look. Good work, Mugen. :)

09-02-2013, 10:55 PM
I like it!

Thanks Mugen!

09-03-2013, 10:56 AM
awesome ! some cards are just beyong epic! thank you for doing this !