View Full Version : 60th Card Breakdown - I'll swallow your soul!

10-04-2013, 04:36 AM

The last season 2 card breakdown has finally arrived! Its my 60th card breakdown (http://youtu.be/DSCcEW9pz8M) and today, I'm looking at Uruunaz - as requested by Vejuz and Churchtwinblades.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch one of my videos. Its been a real pleasure being a part of the content development community for Hex, and these past few months have been quite an experience!

Look forward to seeing all of you in Alpha!

10-04-2013, 04:56 AM
Great video! Thanks for the shout-out :D

10-04-2013, 05:19 AM
Yeah, sorry about the verbal site address screw up... hopefully seeing it typed on the video annotations makes more people navigate to it though! Silver lining!

I didn't even have the "dot com" part planned - it just crept in there during the take!