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10-10-2013, 06:54 AM

11 Ruby
11 Blood

Basic Actions

4 Extinction
4 Life Siphon
4 Burn to the Ground
4 Heat Wave
4 Ragefire

Quick Actions

4 Murder
4 Terrible Transfer
4 Burn
4 Ruby Lance
2 Crimson Clarity

Not having alpha access yet I haven't tested this out but it's basically every burn/removal card from set 1.

This deck should have more removal spells then most decks have troops but without any drawing power it's going to be critical to know when to use which spell. It also has access to both board sweeps Hex currently has which should contain token decks.

Anyone else been thinking about a deck along these lines?

10-10-2013, 08:03 AM
First thoughts is that there is too many things that can go wrong with this deck.

Ruby lance and terrible transfer need resources to be effective. If your resources is wrong kind you can have cards in hand that dont do much damage.

Also there is cards that need 2 shards to cast, extinction, life siphon, burn to ground. If mana screw you cant cast them.

If you dont have burn in starting hand what do you do with the first creatures, if one creature gets pumped and have 3 or more touhgness?

I will prolly play with small creatures for cards like, ruby lance , terrible transfer, extinction and life siphon. Then necessary sacrifice for card draw. It would be different deck, a basic weenie deck.

Just waiting for all the cards to be spoiled so can really start to think what to play.

But for your deck you need that card draw really to work it.

Reminds me of red bolt decks in mtg those were very annoying to play against. but they had also some monsters to cast at later turn to finish the opponent.

10-10-2013, 08:16 AM
I agree with what murmeli said about the cards requiring resources being underwhelming. Sure, early game you might pick off a weenie or two but late game they're more than likely dead draws. There really isn't enough straight burn to make it viable so you've gotta control the battlefield and mess with what they're trying to do. This is the decklist that I came up with:

Poca, The Conflagrater (seems like the only worthwhile champion for this deck)

4 Ragefire
4 Burn
4 Sapper's Charge
3 Life Siphon
2 Burn to the Ground

4 Murder
4 Omen of Oblivion
2 Ruby Lance (still don't care for it; maybe replace with one more each of Life Siphon and Burn to the Ground)

4 Heat Wave
3 Extinction

Things to put them on a clock
2 Inferno
2 Incantation of Fear

The only mana fixer you'll ever need
4 Adaptable Infusion Device

Boring resources
9 Ruby Shard
9 Blood Shard

10-10-2013, 08:35 AM
You've basically made a control deck that has no win condition and no card draw. I'm doubtful it will work.

If I was trying to build a Blood/Ruby control I would start with;
4x Burn
4x Heat Wave
4x Murder
4x Extinction

Maybe add Ash Harpy or Vampire King as finishers. Pact of Pain or Necessary Sacrifice for card drawing. And then I would have no idea how to finish the deck. These two shards have a lot of cheap aggressive troops, but very little that will help you survive at 3 cost or less.

Edit: Here is a link to a current control deck in M:tG. It has access to a lot more 2-3 cost removal then we currently have in Hex (and those removal are counterspells that hit more then just troops). Has a lot of instant/quick action cards where Hex has mostly basic actions. The card draw is also infinitely better with Sphinx's Revelation.


10-10-2013, 08:59 AM
Even without looking at the specifics, its almost guaranteed that his will never work. This is a very common deck archtype that get tested by R&D and made to ensure to be unviable competitively before launch.

Once in a while for complicated formats with lots of card combinations, you get a viable deck of this sort that sneaks through, but since Hex only has 300+ cards right now, its almost impossible for R&D to mess up.

If you really want to make something like this, you need to have a FAR more powerful win condition and/or a way to stonewall attackers.

Right now this deck can't win a race before dying. trying to survive means not doing dmaage to their champion, trying to do damage will mean you getting overwhelmed.

10-10-2013, 12:53 PM
needs more card draw, consider cerebral fulmination or pact of pain, cerebral fulmination being the better alternative since with your board clear and instant damage you should be able to burn them down before taking fatal

edit: also a good counter to this deck is any sort of life gain i.e. eternal youth so you should consider playing emberspire witch and rethink your idea of no troops

10-12-2013, 06:07 PM
If you want to continue down this path, I'd consider a few troops that work more as spells. Emberspire Witch and the five cast cost Blood troop that voids all of your resources in your deck. Then, every draw counts and there is no healing from that.

10-12-2013, 07:58 PM
Take Demented Demolisher and go full blood. Word on the street is about 29 resources, then burn em all away after you have 6 or so. Then you can rely on Terrible Transfer and Life Siphon to keep you going as you Pact of Pain to more Life Siphons. Lack of Ragefire kind of stinks, but Vampire King and Corrupted Harvester are solid picks that will help finish out the game.