View Full Version : Errors, bugs & interface suggestions

10-10-2013, 10:55 PM
First of all - awful download speed. You must use P2P for this.
Second: errors: 1. priority pass button not showed on responce after opponent played a card. Space button also not worked.
2. Tried to play with AI. All that I got was a win screen with continue button press on which hadn't effect. As a result - need restart client.
Third: User interface
1. Please add functions for change password & restore them via email. Your password is bad for alpha for all users. It will be much better if user on each of many hex crushes will enter his own password. Add save username checkbox.
2. Deckbuilder works slow. Cards images is very small. Right click for enlarge is bad idea. Realise cards size mode like tcgbrowser.com. Add option for deckbuilder - when I move mouse to card near that card I see a bigger image of that card or this card enlarges.
Also in game - when I move mouse on card it must be enlarges.
3. Surrender dialog is huge. Remove picture - it will be much better & simple.
4. Chat. Color it. I must see my words with one color, other players with another, private messeges with third color. Add close dialog button.
5. Select deck works with huge delay. Why? Please remove first alpha deck with all cards. All new players select it first time. Add cards count for each decks on select. I want to see how many cards in deck before I choose it.
6. When server shutdown I think that user want to see something like "server shutdown, please try again later". Now I see "Incorrect login"