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10-25-2013, 01:01 PM
So a little background before I dive deeper in this but I have been playing TCG's for a while now and even though I have been playing for a while doesn't mean I am a master at it.

This being said, I think the part that hinders me the most is when it comes to having a plan in my head on how I want to perform a certain task if certain variables come into place.

For example each player has 3 creatures out each. One of my creatures has an ability of sacrafice a creature and pump me up +4/+4. The other player attacks and I start to assign blockers on each creature. I want to be able to block the damage from one creature with my sacrificial creature and pump up my other one to take out the one it is blocking while remaining alive.

This little example leads into where my mind and button clicking dont jive. I know I need to do things in order but what if I click to far and miss my priority to sacrifice and pump up my other creature while still blocking the other and removing it before damage is dealt.

This example may have some holes in it, but the general idea is present. What do people think about a special indicator that will remind the player to "Hey make your moves on this before all things resolve and you lose your chance". In actual play with hand held TCG style cards typically I will do my plan and if I am mistaken the other player or ref will come by and explain how to accomplish it if it can be done at all.

Maybe this is an issue with only me, but I cannot imagine I am the only one that has this. I do see that the cards that can be used in a certain time get highlighted but that may not always help because they could highlight at wrong times and not when it is crucial to the success of a plan.

I hope this makes sense, basically what could be put in place as a graphic or message to let players know that it is time to perform these types of tasks before all aspects resolve.

10-25-2013, 01:29 PM
I wish the pass priority button in some way pointed to what you were passing on or had a tag next to it with what you were passing on. I get when there are not things on the stack, then its just the described phase on the top middle, but when there are multiple things on the stack in a subphase of a turn, it gets tricky.

How I have been trying to watch it, first I look at the lowest card effect in the stack displayed on the right. IF I am passing priority I assume I am passing JUST for that one effect. I don't expect the subphase to advance until everything off the stack is gone, but I may be wrong.

Does the "stack" ever survive through a subphase?

10-30-2013, 02:24 PM
I am still a bit confused on how it works on that side of the screen as well, and help in giving people more information would be good as a new player and experienced like myself. It can get confusing.