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10-25-2013, 11:42 PM
Dear CZE,

To make it a little easier to time stamp error reports and feedback is it possible to update the version number on the startup screen of the Hex Patcher (I'm not sure what to call that window - the one that has the play now and repair buttons). While fallible, I'm pretty sure that the version number there is the same as the one prior to the patch.

I realise one can decipher post patch posts from the time stamp on the forum (after translation to local time) relative to the latest patch time (which I'd have to note down and remember) but if forum users could see which patch the "error / bug" report related to, they could verify if it was now out of date, or confirm if still current.

For Example

Bug: Exploding Cards! (v0.0.812)

Description goes here. Like, my cards totally exploded, zOMG!

Makes it clear which patch the bug relates to...

Now someone will post that the patch was v0.0.810 prior to the change and I'd just forgotten! *sigh* Stupid, substandard brain. :p

10-25-2013, 11:48 PM
Double checked the options icon in the main screen (once logged in) has the following version number 1.0.812.0

I'm a little confused now. Better go and lose some games against someone to help make them feel better! :D