View Full Version : Deck Building w/ Da Squire Ep. 7 "Plan C" w/ Special Guest Funktionfails!

10-26-2013, 09:13 AM

I'm happy to welcome my very first guest to the episode Funktionfails! You may know him from his first pick draft series. Join us as we talk about recent events in the Hex community. We also do a joint deck doctor for a deck featuring "Plan C."

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Plan C Deck list

Champion - Bertram Cragraven

4 Heatwave
2 Surge Mechanism
2 Secret Laboratory
4 Sapper's Charge
4 Researcher Adept
2 Oracle Song
3 Archmage Wrenlocke
3 Lord Alexander, the Courageous
4 Burn to the Ground
4 Burn
2 Chaos Key
10 Sapphire Shard
14 Ruby Shard