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10-28-2013, 07:47 AM
I guess I didn't realize that our Kickstarter email addresses would be used as our Hex usernames when I signed up, which is something I am not really comfortable with. I've learned my lessons the hard way having had credit card and email accounts broken into (Xbox Live, PSN, Gawker, etc.), so I separate all that stuff from my person email where I do online banking and other things I would prefer not be tied to the game. I'm sure others are the same way.

Is there a way to change the email associated with the game?

10-28-2013, 08:10 AM
It could be possibly based on this ;

Any chance at surveys being sent out to gather emails rather than using the ones tied to the accounts we pledged with? That would solve my problem of wanting to gift these accounts to friends by just letting me put their info in from the start.

That's around 20,000 surveys to process at this point. I don't see that happening, but we'll have to provide an option so they're not logging in with YOUREMAIL3 for the rest of eternity.


Or you could contact them here to see if they are willing to resolve this faster http://cryptozoic.kayako.com/

10-28-2013, 05:45 PM
They also stopped doing email changes because of the people that were selling KS tiers. CZE might not change it till surveys go out or they tell us how they plan on doing the merge of tiers.