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11-04-2013, 04:27 PM
Hey I’m a slacker backer dying to get into alpha, and I was wondering if anyone would mind testing this deck or giving some opinions (the most important card is the only one not in Alpha, unfortunately). It looks like every Shin’Hare deck I’ve seen is an aggro deck, the problem being that there seems to be much better aggro decks around, so I made a very blood heavy Shin’Hare deck that I think it somewhat midrange focused around sacrificing for larger troops, cool effects, and card advantage!

Champion: Monika’shin
Resources: 10 Wild, 14 Blood

# Cost
Troops 21
4 1 Hop’hiro, Samurai (not in alpha)
3 1 Blood Bearer
4 2 Shin’Hare High Born
4 2 Shin’hare Eulogist
2 3 Wild Root Dancer
2 4 The Mushwocky
2 5 Shroomtank

Non-Troop 15
3 1 Runts of the Litter
2 3 Murder
2 3 Pact of Pain
4 3 Wretched Brood
4 4 Necessary Sacrafice

I want this deck to pump out tons of 0/1s with an early Wretched Brood, maybe a Runts, and the champion power. These guys will be sacrificed for cards through Necessary Sacrifice, for the deck’s best card, Hop’hiro, and for quickly pumping up a Eulogist and of course everyone’s least favorite card, Mushwocky!

Mushwocky sucks because people sac all of their troops to make him a 22/22 when in this deck you’ll want to keep him at a 7/7 or a 10/10 and you can do that VERY easily. Also people complain that he doesn’t have crush. Well hopefully in this deck he’s not going to be your only decently sized threat. He’s also not going to be too easy to remove midgame because the Eulogist and Hop’Hiro are major targets for removal and will probably soak up many of those cards.

The Highborn is there because he can be sacrificed twice, Root Dancer I feel is too good to not play in almost any Wild deck. Shroomtank is my least favorite card and would probably be first one I cut for other things I may need. I like that he’s a body that plays a free Runts, but for 5 I don’t know if I care enough.

I love making decks and I don’t think I’ve seen many if any Shin’Hare decks go in this direction, so I’d love to hear some feedback!

11-09-2013, 01:48 PM
I like it. I was looking at making a shin'hare sac deck when I started.

The only things I might change, are getting rid of the two shroomtanks and put in concubunnies, or a concubunny and another runt of the litter. that is if you really just want more shin'hare.

I like the idea of concubunny token, exhaust it to make another token, then sack exhausted token to hop'hiro.

The wild root dancers don't seem to go into your theme, but they make resource pulls even more awesome, so hard not to play them.

The only other thing I want to try to put into a deck like this is the grand concubunny, just for personal amusement.

11-10-2013, 11:11 AM
Why not replace shroomtank with honeycap?

11-10-2013, 01:47 PM
You are absolutely right about the Shin'hare being a bad aggro deck compared to others. Its not an issue with the type of deck people are trying to make with the Shin'hare, the problem is with the Shin'hare being garbage cards.

You have no reliable game plan against Blood/x control or a lot of the other tier 1 decks, so I wouldn't even bother testing.

11-11-2013, 01:16 PM
Honestly, in a deck like this, I'd actually find a place for both Life Siphon and hideous conversion. Top tier? Likely not. But the combo out of nowhere for a lethal Life Siphon will leave psychological scars...