View Full Version : Recommendation: Bindable Keyboard Shortcuts

11-06-2013, 03:35 PM
I am a big fan of making the program easier to use and streamlining the gameplay process. By adding some of the following shortcuts, turns go by faster and it doesn't break up the flow of the game with constant "Pass Priority" buttons popping up.
This is pulled directly from the MTGO FAQ and could be used for ideas for future quality of life improvements.

"Keyboard Shortcuts

Middle click or left+right click while cursor is over a card - Zoom in on card
/ - Toggle transparent chat box on/off
F2 – OK (identical to clicking the OK button when prompted)
F3 – Remove all auto-yields and cancel F4/F6/F8 activation
F4 – Until the end of the turn, pass priority as long as no cards or abilities go on the stack (Effectively, you are passing as long as nothing happens. This function can be turned off with the F3 key.)
F5 – Briefly look at face-down permanents you control.
F6 – Until the end of the turn, pass priority regardless of what is played, cast, or activated, though you are still asked to make choices if appropriate (This function can be turned off with the F3 key.)
F7 – For the rest of the game, automatically place identical triggered abilities on the stack if they do not have targets (For example, if you have two Phyrexian Arenas on the battlefield, at the beginning of your upkeep, both abilities will automatically go on the stack without you having to choose an order for them.)
F8 – For the rest of the game, pass priority unless there is a card you can play or ability you can activate (Note that using this function effectively means you cannot bluff, as it is apparent to your opponents when you have no available options, even if you have cards in hand. This function can be turned off with the F3 key.)
F9 or ALT-Y – Yes (identical to clicking the YES button when prompted)
F10 or ALT-N – No (identical to clicking the NO button when prompted)
ALT-U or CTRL-Z – Undo the last action, though this command can only undo a mana ability if no other ability has triggered since it was activated
Holding down the CTRL key when casting spells or activating abilities – Maintain your priority so you may respond to your own spells and abilities."

The newest version of MTGO lets you choose what keys these actions are bound too. I really like this as I have a Razer Naga gaming mouse with 12 buttons on the side. It allows me to just tap a button on my mouse to pass priority and say Yes or No to may actions.