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11-06-2013, 10:55 PM
These are just a few deck ideas that I've been toying around with. Flaming encouraged. I'm in a masochistic mood tonight. Pardon my unoriginal names. Note that these decks were made with the current meta-game in mind. I am quite confident that once cards such as counterspell and related come to be, the blood decks in particular, will likely suffer quite a bit in their efficacy.

Ruby splash Wild:

Wild splash Sapphire:

MBA (mono blood aggro):

Blood splash Diamond:

11-07-2013, 01:51 PM
Didn't look at all of them yet, but I did check out the Blood/spash so I'll comment on that for now.

I would toss the necessary sacrifice out of that deck, you have a lot of 1 cost creatures, but it's still unreliable with you're current synergy, switch in pact of pain for it if you're running life siphon. Same with blood aura, there just isn't a place for the card that another card won't have better use. You're currently "splashing" diamond, but you're using 10 diamond resources for two diamond cards. If you want to just keep those diamond sources, switch out blood aura for inner conflict, that way you'll have an answer for fists of braggadon and similar bigger threats as a turn two answer.

I would switch out righteous paladin as well. You're deck has 3 ways of gaining health and one of them is life siphon, which would likely be held onto longer than the early buff you would need for paladin. Switch in living totem for paladin. Totem takes only 1 threshold as opposed to paladins two, and you can buff him in your plays later when you have open resources.

I think you have an overabundant of 1 cost creatures for what your deck is synergized as currently. Either change out fang or adamanthium, or run more creatures. Right now you're a weird balance of control/creature that are conflicting. Looking at what you're aiming at, I would switch out one of the two 1 cost creatures, add another life siphon, add another tomb lord, and focus on your deck as a control deck from what you have there.

That, or reduce your white resources to around 5-7, splash 1 threshold diamond troops instead of the two, and throw in more blood.