View Full Version : Monoblood Midrangey?

11-13-2013, 12:03 AM
So the point of this deck is to play spuds like that rabbit who gains health on troop death and the guy who makes anothr spud when he dies, and like, stall while you gain life, draw cards, and discard cards, with murders and extinctions to stop aggro. Your win conditions are Life Siphon and the really huge Tomb Lord guy. So far only aggro-y decks with massive innate lifegain in their colors give me issues.

In current testing, pact of pain and neccesary sacrifice are both possible cuts.

HERO: Gozzog (Honestly, I dont need the card draw guy. This lifeswing adds up, and I draw enough cards anyways.

22x Blood Gem

4x Secret Laboratory
4x Bottled Vitae
2x Chaos Key

4x Blood Bearer
4x Shin'hare High Born
4x High Tomb Lord

4x Murder
4x Exterminate
4x Life Siphon
2x Pact of Pain
2x Neccesary Sacrifice

I think it would lose to clash of beasts. maybe to a red green escalation deck with that howling mine esque card.

11-16-2013, 05:36 PM
I actually made a deck very similar to this, and it worked well. I stopped messing with it when I ran into a couple bugs, just waiting for them to fix until I pick it back up for tweaking.

I was going to post what I currently had in the deck but its current iteration is a mess, and I don't like where it is atm.

Major Differences - I used Wretched Brood, Shin'Hare Eulogist and Blood Cauldron Ritualist.

Problems I noticed

*The deck was weak against low troop decks (Mill is a good example).
*Couldn't do much with Battle Hoppers except block or Sacrifice.
*Blood Bearer was a a key card, if you didn't have it, the deck was considerably weaker

I tried adding command tower to help fix the first two problems, but it was bugged slightly last time I used it, so I haven't gotten a good test with it.

The deck was surprisingly good against clash of beasts until the 3rd or 4th cast. The Blood Bearers really help off set the trample when you chump block with battle hoppers.