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11-24-2013, 07:45 AM
As an educational resource, it might be interesting to collect a ton of anecdotes about people's Hex TCG misplays. These would be mistakes YOU have made, not your opponent's, as we don't want to rustle anyone's jimmies.

As an example:

I was playing against a Blood Control deck which was employing forced hand discards to disrupt my game. I had one card in my hand at the beginning of my turn, and then I drew a resource. My deck was an experiment with a Sapphire/Blood traditional mill deck, so on instinct I threw down that resource and used Nin, The Shadow's champion ability to pointlessly mill out some more cards from my opponent's deck. I realized a second later that was an awful decision:

My opponent had four or so cards in his hand, and I knew he had Giant Corpse Flies in his deck and so far had only seen one. I needed that resource to use as a buffer against losing my other card, a Murder. Sure enough, my opponent threw down another Corpse Fly and away went my Murder as the only card in my hand! Crap!

The game froze up due to a bug, but I had 0 cards and my opponent had around 4. So without some real lucky top-decking, I was as good as dead.

Anyone else have such stories of Alpha so far?

11-24-2013, 07:57 AM
i was playing a monored aggro deck, i had 4 creatures on the board (all had from 1 to 2 defense) and the opponents had i 4/6 and a roothdancer 2/2... i dont know what i was thinking, but i playied heath wave to kill the roothdancer...

i think hearthstone had a bad influence on me with consacration and fire wall XD

after i clicked it i was like "shitshitshitshitshit pls dont get the command shitshitshi" XD