View Full Version : Cosmic Transmogrifier is broke, ya'll.

11-24-2013, 10:08 PM
Been playing this in alpha and what I thought would just be an entertaining deck turned out shockingly good. Did your opponent get a troop you like? Mimic it. Did they get something you don't like? Dingle it. Wanna make them sigh so hard you can hear it through your computer? Buccaneer an off color card into their hand. Play Monkey of the Nine Tails after using champ Bertram's ability for two 5 cost cards when you Transmogrify the field.

Granted, the card is buggy as heck (Soul Marble wont gain counters no matter how much you spend, Wall of Corpses will be stuck at 0/1 no matter how many troops are in your grave), but you have the same chances at all the same cards as your opponent, so this is a moot point.

Add in some Seagulls and Mesmerize to stall (remember, Transmogrified cards aren't reverted, so permanent changes stay) and you have the most annoying and entertaining deck ever. I have a feeling the whole tech team is going to have their hands full making sure this one card is working right come release. This and Inspiration Engine.

11-26-2013, 12:32 AM
Nice deck idea, seems really creative

11-26-2013, 01:27 PM
Havoc has a Transmog deck kind of like what you are saying but instead of monkey of the nine tails he uses prophet of lodegan ( 4 7 cost troops)