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12-06-2013, 08:09 PM
This brew has been Naturally flavored with artificial diamond flavors. We are going to take an in depth look at a Mono Diamond deck that focuses primarily on playing troops that have life drain, or using Dimmid to buff our troops with life drain, as well as using a sprinkle of control to neutralize our opponents offensive momentum. I think that as far as the current state of the alpha is concerned, this deck is pretty finely tuned. The mana curve could be a bit better for early game plays, as we only have two 1 cost cards in the deck, however once we have 2-3 sources out the options are a plenty. If you don't have the time to read everything I wrote below, feel free to just steal the deck list and try it out! However I think that I have outlined some pretty important keys to victory, and strategy points in the bulk of the article. It could very well be worth the 10 minutes it takes you to read. I welcome any comments / feedback / criticisms openly, and hopefully we can get some quality discussion started here. I know it's a lot to read through, but I hope you guys can all make it to the bottom of this tall Brew.


Deck List:
3x Ozawa, Cosmic Elder
4x Stoneskin
4x Spearcliff Cloud Knight
4x Righteous Paladin
4x Inner Conflict
2x Noble Citizenry
4x Repel
4x Protectorate Defender
1x His Majesty, King Gabriel
2x Soul marble
4x Living Totem

Soul Marble

This card is going to allow us to vary our playstyle based on the situation at hand. At 1 cost we will be able to play it turn 1, and it serves as an excellent resource sink for when we bluff. There are quite a few cards in this deck that can be used defensively, and as such we will want to keep a few sources readily available so that we can cast those quick actions as needed (Repel, Stone Skin, Living totem etc).

Leaving 2 - 3 sources available puts doubt into the mind of our opponent. We could very well be holding on to those repels / stone skins to counteract anything that they might play. This could deter them from attacking with a particular troop, or casting that murder until a more opportune time arises. In the event that we successfully bluff and have those sources available, we can do one of two things. 1) Pump them into Soul marble, to get us closer to our 10 count. Or, pump them into the living totem to increase it's power / effects (giving it flight is never a bad thing, swift strike + lifedrain is also a devastating combination for the purposes of this deck.)

Ideally our troops will remain in play throughout the duration of the game and we will be able to withstand the onslaught of our enemy, if not by brute force, then by smart play and utilizing our life drain effectively. Our health totals should remain near 20, if not considerably higher. If our troops stay in play, transforming soul marble into soul armaments is the logical choice. Providing all of our troops with a bonus that will bend the odds ever more in our favor. +2/+2 paired with steadfast and spellshield makes our deck virtually unstoppable. A control / removal deck is going to feel gimped, as all of their removal cards are rendered ineffective. All of the direct damage abilities need to be applied directly onto our champion, who will hopefully have an abundance of health at this point from all of our lifedrain effects.

In the event we are having a difficult time getting the ball rolling and/or keeping troops alive, we would then turn the Soul Marble into Soul Cavalry a 5/5 steadfast and spellshield troop, who we could then use our champion ability on to generate a bit of additional health for us. a 5/5 troop is nothing to scoff at, especially when they are healing us for 5 each swing, and then serving as an excellent blocker for each defensive round.

Soul Marble is a great fit in this deck because it gives us something to do with all of our leftover sources that we have been holding on to when we bluff / choose not to act intentionally, and these sources should all be used during our opponents end step, so that we always maintain the illusion of having a repel or stoneskin readily available to counter any play they might make.

Spearcliff Cloud Knight / Righteous Paladin / Living Totem

I wasn't sold on the idea of having the living totem in this deck. I felt as though It would slow our game down too much and make it so that we were unable to execute our plan properly. After a bit of experimentation I found out that the living totem is amazing on multiple levels. Being able to buff it with various different attributes based on what is needed at the time is amazing. It's a very situational card that I have been trying to exploit to the fullest. Early game: Dimmid's charge ability combined with the swift strike buff from pumping 3 sources into the card, this makes our Righteous Paladin an even bigger threat than expected. Swift strike will attack before our paladin does, granting our champion health, and then our paladin would gain the +1/+1 from our champion gaining health. the paladin get's stronger mid turn, and foils what could have been a 1 for 1 trade.

The Spearcliff Cloud Knight doesn't need much of an explanation. It's a very powerful card for it's cost, and it helps get the momentum on our side early. This card, when paired with other life gain opportunities, gives us the option to choose whether or not we want to block a troops attacks, and sacrifice a card, or simply eat the incoming damage. Knowing that on subsequent attack phases there are that many less blockers available, and many lifedrain opportunities on our side of the board, we will gladly let our opponent attack with a 4/4 and keep our spearcliff cloudknight and other troops on the board, in order to buff the Righteous Paladin until he is a major threat. The life drain from this card (and also from living totem when enough sources have been dedicated to this card) is more than enough to buy us time while the paladin grows big and strong.

These cards perform rather well in terms of synergy, as they all work towards the goal of maintaining our champions health, while chipping away at our opponents health.

Protectorate Defender / Noble Citizenry / His Majesty, King Gabriel

Protectorate Defender was recently changed so that it has become the ultimate "chump" blocker. Upon death it is randomly shuffled back into our deck, and we have the opportunity to draw it again down the line (and it maintains all buffs that were on it before it's death). This card has a gem slot, and for this deck I've chosen the "when this troop deals damage to a champion, it and all troops you control get permanent +1/+1". This makes this card a high priority target for blocking, and as it only has 1 health initially, it's pretty easy to stop it from getting to your champion. Unless of course you buff it with the Noble Citizenry's entering play bonus, which puts this card out of burn range, and also makes it a 4/3 troop, which is a sizeable threat.Even more so if it deals damage to a champion, because then all of our troops are growing.

There are 2 copies of Noble Citizenry in the deck. The reason there are only two is simple. There were many times where I would draw the card and be forced to hold it, as I had no other troops in hand. To play this troop would mean to forfeit the chance to benefit from the "when this troop enters play" ability. The entire reason that this troop is in the deck, is for that ability.

I run His Majesty as a one of in this deck, simply because I had a spot open. Sure, I could have thrown another ozawa into play, but Ozawa is Unique, and this card has many excellent traits. First: he prevents all damage that would be dealt to him as long as his trusty wolf pal is out, Boldheart. This makes him a GREAT attacker, forcing our opponent to chump block or take a constant 4 damage (modified by our protectorate defender if he can sneak through the defenses). His Majesty also has steadfast, so he can attack and block without ever becoming exhausted. This is great for troops such as the fist of briggadon, or any other ground troop. Sure, thre will be 2 spillover damage from the fists 6/6 attack, however with all of our life drain outlined above, we will heal that back on our attack step. I thoroughly enjoy tossing a lifedrain on His Majesty, because it is essentially a guaranteed hit, where my troop will stay alive (as long as they don't have a way to dispatch Boldheart), and this continues the theme of buffing our champions HP, our righteous paladins strength, and damaging our opponent. Three things for the price of one!

12-06-2013, 08:10 PM
Inner conflict / Stoneskin / Repel

These cards are paramount to our victory, and they fit the over all play style of our deck to a T. The repel is diamonds version of a murder. However it only works when our opponent is going to attack. So obviously we are going to save this for when our opponent decides its safe to attack. This will usually be with a larger troop who has the power to both kill our defenders as well as provides some benefit to their board. (or a troop such as the ancestors chosen trying to sneak in an attack while all of our units are exhausted). We use this card to snipe out any particular threats that we want removed as long as our opponent is attacking. This card also serves to help us maintain card advantage on the board.

I love stoneskin!!! For a 1 cost we essentially can prevent a murder / extinction. And keep our powerful and built up cards in the game. Control decks with lots of removal are still the bane of this deck, however with a well timed stoneskin we can continue to keep the pressure on.

Inner conflict obviously works by dwarfing our opponents offensive momentum. Highly useful against cards that are invincible (Fist of Briggadon) or cards that prevent damage (think Flock of Seagulls, or Corrupt Harvester), unblockable cards (Eldritch Dreamer), and of course, the cards that provide an on hit effect that I would like to avoid seeing (the recently added Urunaaz being a prime example!). While these cards dwarf our opponents offensive momentum, they also provide us with an offensive advantage when used properly. Bypassing blockers, or forcing our opponent to make a mistake by choosing to block with a troop that he might not necessarily want to block with.

Ozawa, Cosmic Elder

The Great and Powerful Oz(awa) is a super strong card right now, and as soon as he enters play the game is going to become lopsided. Assuming all things written above have been going according to plan, we will have 20hp or more, and our Ozawa will enter play as a massive troop. We will use 20 hp as an arbitrary number right now. Our Ozawa comes into play as a 20/20 defender. Upon a successful block, his lifedrain will then power our champion +20 hp. Which will in turn, increase Ozawa's attack power from 20/20, to 40/40 (minus any incoming damage, which for this case, we will assume is none). Upon our opponents successful block, of our next attack, we will heal for 40 damage, and our ozawa is now an 80/80. YOu can see where this is gong. Ozawa is the win condition. If you can manage to get this card into play, and your opponent has nothing to play to remove it from the board, there is very little that he will be able to do. Your health will rise rapidly, and his board will begin to dwindle.

In closing:

We still need to be careful around control decks and decks that have a lot of removal in general. Every troop that we have is designed to work well with the others on the board. So, losing a particular type of troop to a Curse of Oblivion, or a murder, could spell certain defeat (if we lose all of our spearcliff cloud knights, or our paladins for example).

Flying cards also have a distinct advantage, as they can land their hits over our head, and choose when to block strategically, we do have our Living Totems, but generally it would take a few turns to make him strong enough to block most flying troops and keep him alive.

Mill decks essentially turn into a race that we can win. If we get a protectorate defender out early, and are able to get a few quick hits in, he will ramp up to a very threatening card early on, as well as making all other troops we play stronger as well. Keep the pressure on and play smart. Don't necessarily burn your stoneskin on that first chronic madness, save it for the 2nd, or even the third. Or for that pesky murder that threatens to remove a card we need from the board.

Here is my playlist of videos for this deck. You can see that some of the older videos are of a different deck list. That's because I modified the deck after playing with it for a while and realizing that it could be better.: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7seHWKAuAUeReDwKtYPPerVKFFDJBQ6e

If you liked this write up, you might also enjoy my Mono Wild Aggro deck. You can find this article posted here http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=30931 (http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=30931)

12-06-2013, 09:56 PM
4 repels is a recipe for disaster. This coming from the Mono Diamond Ambassador. Howling Ambush is a much better and reliable diamond removal card

12-06-2013, 11:23 PM
I don't see how 4 repels are a bad thing? Care to elaborate a bit?

12-07-2013, 12:04 AM
Sure, I can elaborate.

I normally always give feedback on a Competitive meta game play style. Currently the meta has a bunch of decks where certain cards are an issue for you without actually attacking E.G. Wild Root Dancer, Emberspire Witch, Ancestors Chosen (off the top of my head, im sure there are more)

This is why I suggest swapping out 2 of the repels for Howling Ambushes. Your hand should normally have a troop in it with 2 or higher attack which means Howling Ambush is essentially an Answer for the non attack threatening troops.

Then there is the inevitable matchups against control decks where they hardly ever attack, and drawing a top deck repel against control is a dead draw.

12-07-2013, 07:28 AM
I see where you are going with your train of thought, and it makes sense. The reason I took Howling Ambush out of my deck was mainly because my biggest attacker has 3 dmg, with the exception of my one copy of his Majesty. I figured that repels would serve me better.

We also have to consider that with the current state of the alpha, all of these decks that we are creating are designed for one game at a time. Further, there are still quite a bit of cards that we have yet to see. Once these additional cards are available to us, many of the decks that people play now will become obsolete, and get scrapped for a more synergistic combination of cards. That, combined with side boarding, and everything is going to change.

I agree with why howling ambush is a solid card, but it's probably something I would side board for the event that I go up against a deck with the root dancer, or other cards whom I do not want on the board. For the control deck, I'd consider removing inner conflict and repel, and adding in eternal youth and possibly Resurrection. Healing my self, and bringing back the troops that have been removed from play.

Truth be told, the decks that we see in Beta might not be too far off from what we see now, but I have a feeling there are still some crazy cards yet to be revealed that are going to drastically change the metagame. I for one, am very excited for them to add/modify the rest of the cards so we can get a few steps closer to that beta. My biggest fear is that this set is going to go stale with all this exposure that we have had with it, and the months to come.

12-07-2013, 08:06 AM
Truth be told, the decks that we see in Beta might not be too far off from what we see now, but I have a feeling there are still some crazy cards yet to be revealed that are going to drastically change the metagame. I for one, am very excited for them to add/modify the rest of the cards so we can get a few steps closer to that beta. My biggest fear is that this set is going to go stale with all this exposure that we have had with it, and the months to come.

I wont grow stale of the set for the mere fact most of my time in Hex will be spent drafting until Set 2 comes out. But Constructed Formats always grow stale. It is inevitable for any TCG. Look at MtG... Friday Night Magic is always the most popular right after a set release, 2 months later FNM has like 40% of the people it had when the set released.

12-07-2013, 11:04 AM
Does soul armaments currently not work or did I just get unlucky with a bug, it didnt give me +2/+2 or spell shield, or perhaps i simply played it wrong but I didnt see a way to activate it or target it or anytyhing.

12-07-2013, 12:55 PM
As of right now, that is still bugged out. It's still in the deck because once it is working as intended, it will be powerful for our deck. But for now, whenever you transform soul marble you should always turn it into the troop. Keep an eye on patch notes though, because I expect them to be fixing a bunch of the broken stuff that's in the game at the moment.

12-09-2013, 12:03 PM
Very nice deck.
There is one thing that I found strange though:
You said something about stoneskin countering murder/extinction.

Now I haven't actualy tried the card, not big on white, but doesn't that card read "Interrupt target action targeting you or a troop you control" ?
As far as I know extinction doesn't target anything in particular - its a boardwipe effect.
Has anyone tested if it works on extinction? and if so is that a bug or intended behaviour?

12-09-2013, 03:06 PM
Very nice deck.
There is one thing that I found strange though:
You said something about stoneskin countering murder/extinction.

Now I haven't actualy tried the card, not big on white, but doesn't that card read "Interrupt target action targeting you or a troop you control" ?
As far as I know extinction doesn't target anything in particular - its a boardwipe effect.
Has anyone tested if it works on extinction? and if so is that a bug or intended behaviour?

It shouldn't. Extinction doesn't target.

12-11-2013, 03:57 PM
Just uploaded a few more videos for this deck to my youtube page. in this playlist you will see me run the gauntlet (which will be something team spicy brews will be doing more frequently) against Ritter. Putting this deck to the test against a wide variety of decks that feature different play styles.


01-11-2014, 06:58 AM
I watched your gaunlet video with this deck and it turned me into a believer. I cannot wait to give this a shot later today. Ill be sure to come back and report how it did. Now overall how does the deck fair against a rush/aggro deck?

01-18-2014, 09:08 AM
Thanks for taking the time to watch my videos! I have been taking a bit of a break from Hex while the dev's work out the issues with tournaments. I was pretty frustrated to get to the final round of a tournament, and then be met with a bug that ended the tourny early for me... Since I have been out for a few weeks now, they have added quite a bit of cards (and I'll be honest, I haven't even looked at them all yet, have not been checking updates regularly as I've been playing Rust), and something happened to Mac support which also stopped my Spicy Brewing partner from being able to access the game at all.

With that said, I don't know how the new rush / aggro decks look, because I'm sure there are new cards that have been added in, and there is a chance that some of the cards that I have in this deck have changed. I can't really answer your question without getting back into the game and playing around with the new cards and seeing what new decks are being put together.

After reading this weeks update regarding the patch, and it being delayed for a week to allow sealed deck + tournament fixes, I think it's safe to say that I will be back to brewing soon enough, and might be able to improve upon this deck.

Stay tuned, because there is plenty of brewing yet to come.