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12-08-2013, 05:44 AM
Hey all, I wanted to share my take on the sliver of the immortal spear deck.
Now, I've seen a decent amount of similar decks going around, especially the red/blue mill deck that has been talked about lately, but I think my take on it is interesting enough to be worth sharing.

The win condition is of course the spear, and you get them of course with help from fullminations, but the twist is in how you get there without dying in the process.

The deck list is as follows:
4 The ancestors chosen
4 Buccaneers
4 Menacing Gralk

4 burn
4 Oracle song
4 Fullmination
4 Yesterday
2 CounterMagic
2 HeatWave
4 Sliver of the immortal spear

The idea is to not let your enemy attack, ever!
between burns, heatwaves, buccaneer, and if worse comes to worse, ancestor champ blocks, you should be able to buy enough time to get to 5 resources.
Then, its just a matter of stopping them with gralk, sending them back to their hands with yesterday, then once more gralking/buccaneering them.
Hell, you could use buccaneer on your own gralk if the need to replay it arises.

But that's not the only cool synergy to be had!
Your ancestors are making 1 resource cost spectrals in your deck, that draw you a card when you play them.
What happens when you yesterday then replay the specter?
That's right, you draw an extra card!

Now for the big question: why not just make it a mill deck?
While both options are valid, I feel that replacing the spears with chronic madness will still be weak against full out mill decks, or blue decks in general who can counter your mill.
Spears on the other hand are much harder to get completely rid off since you have to both destroy those in the deck and on the field.

And of course, if worse comes to worse and you just don't get enough spears, you can still beat in with your flyers between your gralks and the specters.

While I do not yet know if this deck will be constructed playable, it has proven a match for many of the decks I have met so far.

Some considerations to be had:
1) While Mastery of time fits perfectly in this deck, I have felt that I am already heavy on the 5 drops and decided it is not necessary - could still board in against control.
2) 4 HeatWaves terrible against control, 4 countermagic too slow against aggro - split 2/2 for now.
Should board accordingly depending on matchup
3) May be possible to replace heatwave with stormcall for more consistency, needs more testing.
4) I did not specify resource count on purpose, since I'm not sure my count is correct for this blue/red ratio

Thanks for reading, will be happy to hear your thoughts/takes on this deck.

12-08-2013, 06:43 PM
If you are playing ancestral chosens will this not lower your chances of ever drawing slivers?
This rather seems like a ancestral chosens deck with a side win condition

12-09-2013, 04:18 AM
The Ancestral Specter that the Chosen creates are only a 1 drop that allow you to draw another card when played, so they're almost a free 2/2 blocker. They don't really slow down your ability to get to other cards by a significant amount. =)

12-09-2013, 06:15 AM
Your heat wave seems counter productive...

12-09-2013, 11:58 AM
It can do some work against aggro.
Maybe in set 2 a better 2 mana option comes out, for now if I'm gonna use it I just don't play the ancestral chosen on turn one.
Also its a semi board-wipe for only 2 mana.
When you draw 3 cards a turn and likely to have to spend 5 on gralk/yesterday fairly often, its nice to have some cheaper options to make other plays from time to time.

Another behaviour you are likely to see is, after you yesterday alot of creatures to your opponents hand, he will likely play alot of his small creatures instead of a big creature to not have to discard, which makes heat wave very effective turn after