View Full Version : Okay, I'm over not ever getting the higher KS tiers (friendly closure post)

12-18-2013, 02:26 PM
The previous thread was closed, but I hate leaving things so incendiary and I thought a friendly follow-up post wouldn't hurt. To raise the togetherness and all that good stuff :)

I want to thank shaqattaq for the very definite final post. That actually gave me closure and I almost immediately came to terms with the fact that there will never be a chance to acquire the higher KS tiers. And that is fine. I simply wanted to explore the possibility of purchasing them later on. I can now clearly see that will not come to pass.

I also realized I will play this game for years, so I will most likely get all the loot and goodies I could ever need sooner or later anyway. And if I get less loot? I just get to play the dungeon again, and that is not such a horrid fate. I love drafting as well, and that I can enhance with the VIP pass later, so all is good.

I can respect CZE's stand to not break their word. In some ways I am glad they did not, as I am a man of principle as well. Now I know that future promises to me will not be broken either.

I wish all the higher tier backers nothing but good fortune. You were on top of things when I couldn't be. You deserve the rewards. It is annoying to miss out, but I can live with that. I just want to quickly point out that I for one never claimed that I was entitled to any rewards or that I deserved them. But you can't blame me for trying to resurrect the chance to buy them, as there are some sweet things in there :cool:

Now let us all just concentrate on what is important, which is making HEX the supreme TCG on planet Earth.

It is easy to get fixated on wanting more, instead of appreciating what you already have. We all have plenty already, because we have discovered HEX, and many have fallen in love with it and will be part of it for a long time. Let's not argue and try to be friendly towards each other.

Merry Christmas, HEX community.

12-18-2013, 02:54 PM
Well said. Thanks Ertzi, and Merry Christmas to you.

I'll close this thread so we can end the discussion on a high note =)