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01-11-2014, 11:10 PM
This is a deck that's entirely thematic and more for fun/experimenting than actual competition. As such, I'm looking more for tweaks than min/maxing. The idea is very simple. The deck is built around creating cannon-fodder, exploiting that cannon-fodder for life or bigger troops, using your opponent's cannon-fodder without asking nicely, and generally just eating your young to survive. It's fun playing, in that "skin of your teeth, gnaw your paw off to escape the bear-trap" kinda rush.

3x Blood Bearer
2x Carrion Blob
4x Shroomshaw
2x Mushwocky
3x Xentoth's Chosen
3x Chargebot
2x Wretched Brood (battlehoppers)

3x Call the Grave
2x Corrupted Afterlife
3x Murder
4x Persecute
2x Necessary Sacrifice
3x Blood Aura

CHAMPION -- Bunjutsu (currently using Gozzog till the bunny is fixed)

My biggest question is Blood Aura. Switch it out for Life Siphon for another win condition? Drop the three cards and bolster numbers on Mushwocky, Brood, or Necessary Sacrifice? Leave them in, since Lifedrain is always nice to offset the Brood and plus 1's are never bad?

The Chargebots aren't great in there with Gozzog, but I think they'll be invaluable with Bunjutsu's higher number, and they're as good at being fodder as the hoppers are once they're laid down. Carrion Blob is surprisingly fun, I haven't seen it in play much.

01-13-2014, 07:06 AM
I thought, the decks called "Cannibal" are ones based on Hideous Conversion :)

I feel that the problem in this one is that it sacrifices smaller troops to get bigger ones in play - but the "big guys" do not have any kind of protection, do not impact the board immediately and do not have either crush or flight... I don't feel like this is the reliable winning strategy

For me the win conditions I'm aiming to ramp to are Castigator, Uruunaz, Eternal Guardian and Life Siphon (2-1-2-2 in numbers)
And, of course, Mushy is in aswell as 3-of (probably cutting him to 2)

01-14-2014, 03:54 PM
True, Mushwocky doesn't have any bells or whistles except for his size. However, the Chosen is better than Flight or Crush since he just simply can't be blocked.

The speed of the win conditions is a valid concern, but I never really had illusions of this being "competitive" as opposed to "decent chance"...

Updated... Took out the Aura's to boost numbers on the big guys, and removed Chargebots for more removal until Jutsu is fixed, at which time I'll swipe them back in.