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01-13-2014, 12:27 PM
So, I'm trying to make a Shinhare Deck and it's kind of giving me trouble. Anyone got any tips or advice?

Champion: Monika'shin

24x Wild

4x Ritualist of the Spring Litter
3x Moon'ariu Sensei
4x Bucktooth Commander
3x Concubunny
3x Rune Ear Commander
2x Sensei of the Wounded Petal
2x Uzume, Grand Concubunny

4x Command Tower
4x Runts of the Litter
3x Oakhenge Ceremony
2x Nature Reigns
2x Turbulence

I've tried this with blood splashed in as well, taking out the Concubunnies, Oakhenge Ceremonies, Nature Reigns, and Turbulence for 4x Wretched Brood, 3x Necessary Sacrifice and 3x Murder.

But either way, I can't get it to work right consistently. The goal is, obviously, to get gobs of Battle Hoppers out and buff them, I just can't get it to work consistently, and I don't like Evolve because it doesn't help anything that comes later, so it makes me want to wait--and that typically makes me lose.

Any ideas?

01-13-2014, 02:00 PM
extinction hurts bunnies much more than other decks imo. But their not gonna play extinction if their isn't much of a threat,
I like the overunn equivalent but cant remember its name. 6cc +3/3 crush to all troops. I would have at min 2 of those in your deck.
I think bunnies may have better luck Black and green using curse of oblivion to git rid of the other 3 extinctions when one is played.
My 2cp

01-13-2014, 02:31 PM
Really quick, you have far too many command towers, I think Oakhenge is currently bugged (though it might be useful, haven't personally messed around with it yet), and Nature Reigns / Turbulence are probably better used for your reserves. Switching those out for things like Onslaught, Evolution, and Wild Growth (for removal when you block) should help out a lot. I can post my Mono-Wild bunny deck later, it's been reasonably consistent and quite a lot of fun to play.

Here's the Wild Shin'Hare deck I've been messing around with. It's not a great deck overall, but it's been fairly consistent doing what I want it to do.


24x Wild Shards

4x Moon'ariu Sensei
4x Bucktooth Commander
3x Succulent Roostasaur
3x Ritualist of the Spring Litter
3x Rune Ear Commander
2x Concubunny
2x Howling Brave
1x Sensei of the Wounded Petal

4x Runts of the Litter
4x Wild Growth
3x Incantation of Savagery
1x Onslaught
1x Secret Lab
1x Command Tower

Definitely room for improvement, but I've been having a lot of fun playing it and it tends to do alright.

01-23-2014, 03:21 AM
I don't know if you are still trying to build a Shin'Hare deck, but I've got a blood/wild Shin'Hare deck that I've been working on for a week or so that has had some good results. I haven't added Curse of Oblivion yet but, as wasichu mentioned, CoO would nice to counter addtional Extinction and Murder when playing blood, as well as Countermagic, when playing Sapphire.


12 - Wild Shards
08 - Blood Shards

04 - Runts of the Litter
03 - Cholorophyllia
02 - Spirit Dance
04 - Incantation of Savagery
02 - Onslaught
02 - Oakhenge Ceremony

02 - Extinction (Might wanna swap this for CoO)
03 - Murder

02 - Bucktooth Commander
02 - Uzume, Grand Councubunny
02 - Shroomtank
02 - Councubunny
01 - Rune Ear Commander
04 - Ritualist of the Spring Litter

04 - Shroomshaw
02 - Hop'hiro, Samurai

I'm sure this could be improved but the idea is to use RotSL to spawn as many troops as possible and overwhelm your opponent. A good opening hand can get your incantation off on round 3. Rituals will help spawn hoppers and with onslaught will turn them into 3/3 with crush for the win if you can keep enough on the field. The best pairing is Uzume + RotSL because she'll spawn an additional random Shin'hare per turn, per RotSL which can quickly overwhelm someone who doesn't have extinction. Also using Hop'hiro early can be a game saver once he's fully buffed and able to 1 shot anything without spellshield.

Few notes:
Oakhenge is in there for when you're really needing to pull out Uzume or RotSL, but can easily be subbed for something else.

Extinction is good only at the start of the game and is counter-productive after a few turns. There are likely better choices for this, but I like to use it as a last resort for when a bunch of flying troops are on the board.

01-26-2014, 11:49 PM
I've been running my Shin'hare deck as so:


20 Wild Shard

4 Ritalist of the Spring Litter
4 Bucktooth Commander
4 Rune Ear Commander
4 Moon'ariu Sensi
2 Succulent Rootasaur

4 Incantation of Savagery
4 Runts of the Litter
4 Wild Growth
4 Command Tower
2 Oakhenge Ceremony
4 Evolve

I've had really good success with this deck. Resources are usually tight, but honestly I've won with 3 on turn 8. The curve is so low you really don't want to run with too many resources. Plus you have the benefit of more action cards with low resources. I usually look for 2 resources in hand, although I have actually kept hands with 1 resource as well. Anything over 3 resources and you will probably end up flooded. The deck doesn't do well against black control, then again I haven't found much that can do well against a well played black control deck. That said I have been able to slow play it enough so even after a extinction I had enough in hand to pull off a win. It is pretty much pure speed with really no trickery (The wild growths can keep people honest but that is about it).

I found hitting 6 resources for Uzume was actually counter productive as 2 fewer resources played (IE 4 instead of 6) means 2 more action cards played. I rarely see more than 4 resources with this deck. I traded in Rootasaur over Wounded Petal as my life gain for the same reason as Uzume, 5 resources skewed the curve.

Concubunny I keep going back and forth. Originally I had it over Wild Growth and Oakhenge Ceremony, but again I was finding myself with too many 3+ casters and not enough 1 and 2 casters. I suppose you could swap out some evolves or command towers. It just feels too much like a buildup card, which at 3 is a little late for this type of deck. All the other 3 or 4 casters in this deck are buff cards.

01-28-2014, 04:29 PM
Playing mono wild is kind of cutting yourself of some really good cards to help support shin'hare.

Add Ruby: You get Ruby Pyromancer and Crown of the Primals
Add Diamond: You get Soul Marble
Add Blood: some of the more powerful shin'hare, as well as removal and discard in Inquisition (can hit their Extinctions)

01-31-2014, 06:25 AM
I have had some interesting results with this deck:

Champion: Monika'shin

10x Wild
10x Blood
2x Shards of fate

4x Ritualist of the Spring Litter
4x Blood Bearers
3x Shroomshaw
2x Shin'hare Eulogist
4x Moon'ariu Sensei
3x Bucktooth Commander
2x Uzume, Grand Concubunny

2x Command Tower
1x Chaos Key
3x Runts of the Litter
2x Persecute
2x Murder
2x Curse of Oblivion
2x Necessery Sacrifice
2x Wretched Brood

One of the key-features in the deck is to make sure extinction is not as viable for the opponent.
So, usually an oponent will use his extinction once you have a "threat" amount of hoppers coupled with a bucktooth/command tower. But what if you have one or two Blood bearers in the mix? and what if you have a shroomshaw on the table too?

Well, lets asume you have 6x hoppers, 2x bloodbearers 1x Shroomshaw, 1x Bucktooth 1x Tower on the table.
That is 10 creatures dying, since you have 2 bloodbearers on the table you will recieve 20 health, on top of that you will have two 1/1 hoppers after the extinction.

I believe a full set of Sensei is important for the card-draw, also Necessery Sacrifice fills this roll when you are in trouble.

The only troop that requires sacrifice is the eulogist, this is to make sure that we dont run out of hoppers, since we might need them for chomp-blocking, when the draw goes sour.

All other cards are either used to create more hoppers or removal for different circumstances.

I believe that 1x Chaos Key and 2x Towers are required, but there is a balance to be done with Wretched Brood(risky), and the distribution of persecute, murder, curse of oblivion. On the creature side 4x Blood Bearers might be overkill, and could probably be 2x or 3x.