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01-16-2014, 09:04 PM
So I decided to take a chance with making a dwarf deck while I am waiting for my Shin'hare champion to not be buggy. As I was looking at the cards and I noticed a few dwarves that get great effects when there are a lot of artifacts on the field and I wanted to build a deck on using those effects as often as possible. I played a few rounds and the deck overall has done decently well. Just looking for general comments to make it run smoother or perhaps swapping some cards in for burn spells.

Bertram Cragraven

11 x Ruby Shards
11 x Sapphire Shards

4 x Warmachinist
4 x Rocket Ranger
3 x Scrap Welder
2 x Eurig Robomancer
2 x Assault Technician
4 x Technical Genius
2 x Elite Battle Tech

2 x Sabotage
2 x Replicator's Gambit

2 x Volcannon
2 x Pterobot
2 x Assault Bot
4 x Charge Bot
3 x Worker Bot Factory