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02-12-2014, 11:53 AM
I like to play this game at work. I use a wifi connection that runs at 4G. When I use this connection, I have no problems loading up and playing the game. However I only get 2.5 Gigabytes worth of memory at the 4G speed. I made the mistake of watching to much streaming and ran down that limit. Once I have reached that limit, I still get a connection but the speed is reduced to something like 2.5G.

I have noticed that once I am at that speed that I no longer am able to past the "Data Load" screen. The bar will fill up and just sit there. Is there a time limit set to loading data that prevents me from getting in?

02-12-2014, 01:03 PM
Who is your carrier may I ask?

What happens is that you are paying 2.5gb of LTE. Once that threshold is met, your data is then only capable of using 3G and the speed and that is likely throttled to something like 100 kb/s. Now here's the thing, these things are different technologies, use different spectrum, spectrum has varying degrees of indoor penetration (LTE is likely low 700s band while the 3g is likely in a PCS 1900 or AWS 2100 band) which means you could be serving off different sites, could be capacity limited on the channel you're on, etc.

Long story short, this is in NO WAY the issue of CZE--this is the issue of your RF Link, 3G Capacity/Backhaul, and/or just simply being Throttled. Be sure to actually be on WiFI w/e possible to avoid using your 4g bucket.

Hope that helped.

02-13-2014, 06:28 AM
Thank you,

I was pretty sure it was not them. I just wanted to understand more about my problem on the slower connection rate. I use PCS Mobile to answer that question. I KNOW the rate is too slow even to stream movies in any realistic time. I can still use websites and have managed to even play Diablo 3, though with obvious lag issues. I have logged on once with the slower rate, but have not been able to repeat my luck. When I was on, I played the game just fine with very little hitching.