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03-01-2014, 08:22 AM
This is a stupid deck that doesn't work... except that it KINDA does. I've been obsessed with finding a good, reliable way to use Midnight Shepherd ever since it came out, and I love screwing around with Hideous Conversion. Now that there are a few more methods to fix your thresholds, getting Midnight Shepherd up and running is finally sort of a viable strategy (although in this deck, that's more of a red herring, and there to keep troop pressure going until the real party starts).

Johnny's 'Simple' Plan

Monika'Shin (3 charges = 1 Battle Hopper)

Resources (25):
5x Ruby
1x Sapphire
6x Wild
7x Blood
3x Diamond
3x Shards of Fate

Artifacts (6):
3x Adaptable Infusion Device
3x Secret Laboratory

Constants (6):
3x Hideous Conversion
3x Wretched Brood

Actions (11):
3x Comet Strike
3x Plan C
3x Necessary Sacrifice
2x Murder

Troops (17):
3x Shroomshaw
3x Ritualist of the Spring Litter
2x Howling Brave
3x Adamanthian Scrivener
2x Midnight Shepherd
2x Lixil, the Deathless Gem
2x Hop'hiro, Samurai

Total cards: 65

Like I said, this deck is stupid and ALL over the place, but it actually does surprisingly well, and is a ton of fun to mess around with. If you hit ritualists and hideous conversion early, you can bypass everything else and ramp straight to Comet Strike + Plan C. Scriveners + Wretched Brood (especially multiple Scriveners or a Ritualist) give you free blockers and extra life to draw out the game. Threshold fixers make both Lixil and Midnight Shepherd viable. Hideous Conversion feeds Hop'hiro, so you can often drop him for 1 and transform him (and wipe out most of your opponent's threats) all in one go with no other resources available.

The only real problem right now is that Lixil is bugged, so that if you don't already have all 5 resources in play when you cast her, she won't ever become invincible. But thanks to the Shepherd, you can let her die and bring her back into play once you DO have the thresholds, and then her invincibility will trigger.