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03-05-2014, 10:19 AM
Deck list
Champion Monika'shin (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Monikashin.jpg) (1 wild, 3 charges)

Troops 24
3 x Blood Bearer (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/BloodBearer.jpg) (1 mana, 1 blood)
3 x Hop'hiro, Samurai (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/HophiroSamurai.jpg) (1 mana, 1 blood)
2 x Ritualist of the Spring Litter (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/RitualistoftheSpringLitter.jpg) (1 mana, 1 wild)
3 x Shin'hare Eulogist (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/ShinhareEulogist.jpg) (2 mana, 1 blood)
3 x Shroomshaw (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Shroomshaw.jpg) (2 mana, 1 blood)
4 x Moon'ariu Sensei (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/MoonariuSensei.jpg) (2 mana, 1 wild)
4 x Blood Cauldron Ritualist (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/BloodCauldronRitualist.jpg) (3 mana, 1 blood)
1 x Concubunny (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Concubunny.jpg) (3 mana, 1 wild)
1 x Xentoth's Chosen (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/XentothsChosen.jpg) (6 mana, 2 blood)

Actions 11
2 x Call the Grave (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/CallTheGrave.jpg) (1 mana, 1 blood)
2 x Oakhenge Ceremony (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/OakhengeCeremony.jpg) (1 mana, 1 wild)
1 x Nature Reigns (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/NatureReigns.jpg) (2 mana, 1 wild)
4 x Murder (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Murder.jpg) (3 mana, 1 blood)
2 x Necessary Sacrifice (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/NecessarySacrifice.jpg) (4 mana, 2 blood)

Constants 2
2 x Wretched Brood (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/WretchedBrood.jpg) (2 mana, 2 blood)

Shards 23
13 x Blood
6 x Wild
4 x Shards of Fate


Cards breakdown
For troops we have powerful Hop'hiro, Samurai (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/HophiroSamurai.jpg) able to reduce some dmg at first stage, deal with low toughness creatures at second and destroy at third stage. Blood Cauldron Ritualist (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/BloodCauldronRitualist.jpg) can be used for block and have sac ability (no mana cost helps for levelling Hop'hiro, Samurai (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/HophiroSamurai.jpg)). Shin'hare Eulogist (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/ShinhareEulogist.jpg) can become really big. Blood Bearer (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/BloodBearer.jpg) provides life replenish. Xentoth's Chosen (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/XentothsChosen.jpg) just deals unblockable damage.
Other troops are for helping: Shroomshaw (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Shroomshaw.jpg) (more Hoppers), Moon'ariu Sensei (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/MoonariuSensei.jpg) (draw helps), Concubunny (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Concubunny.jpg) (more Hoppers), Ritualist of the Spring Litter (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/RitualistoftheSpringLitter.jpg) (more Hoppers)
For actions we have some removals: Nature Reigns (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/NatureReigns.jpg), Murder (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/Murder.jpg). Call the Grave (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/CallTheGrave.jpg) can help with bringing important troops from graveyard (current stage of Samurai is saved when he destroyed). Necessary Sacrifice (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/NecessarySacrifice.jpg) helps with cards a lot. Oakhenge Ceremony (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/OakhengeCeremony.jpg) is useful for bringing important troops from deck.
For constants just Wretched Brood (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/WretchedBrood.jpg), which helps with Hoppers.

How to play
Nothing unusual in this deck except for Samurai use. Important tips are: use his ability at the end of opponent turn to lvl him if you have mana left and good amount of troops to sac; his second stage ability can kill enemy troops with low toughness.

Looking for suggestions! Pls reply if you tried this deck!

03-06-2014, 11:40 AM
Updated for more stability, removed bugged Mushwocky, replaced some cards. Improved overall post look.

03-10-2014, 06:01 PM
Been playing with this deck a bit tonight. Sometimes the flow just goes against you, but once it gets cranking its pretty good.

I've been thinking of swapping out 2 blood cauldron ritualists for 2 commanders...that way all the 0/1 battle hoppers have more functionality other than just being fodder/sacrifices (not that there's an end to them)

03-11-2014, 04:21 AM
I already changed deck a bit, Succulent Roostasaur (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/images/cards/big/SucculentRoostasaur.jpg) adds functionality for this useless Hoppers.
I think concubunny is very bad. It doesn't give a lot for this deck, i think.
Also, this deck misses one strong troop; once Mushwockies are properly implemented (waiting for patch), i will change deck.

03-11-2014, 04:51 AM
Seems weird to me that you don't max out Ritualist of the Spring Litter. I feel like it's just the ultimate enabler for the deck and the more the merrier. Not as something you toss on the board the moment you can, but something you hold until you can make a big play to generate a shit ton of shin'hare tokens. Even by itself the card doubles the effect of your champion charge power giving it much higher consistency than regular combo cards.

03-11-2014, 05:08 AM
Yes, its very powerful, i will try to increase them to 3 or 4; i think i will stick to 3.
Its just feels weird to have both of them on the field. The problem with increasing number of support cards is i can't get a win condition (good number of big beaters or established board control with Samurai).

03-11-2014, 05:16 AM
I think there are too few wild cards to justify not going for mono blood. And if you want to stay with wild - I'd suggest the wild incantations

03-11-2014, 05:21 AM
Here are some suggestions

Mushwocky (when it works)
Onslaught (conflicts with Hophiro I know but it is a backup win if they shut him down, or just if you have a billion tokens)
Command Tower (ehh I like onslaught better)
Incantation of Savagery (This is the deck that can trigger it the easiest, was so op at 6/6..but even at 6/3 spellshield for 1 resource its strong to apply pressure if you can clear the way for it.

They are the usual shin'hare win conds from mono wild w/o hop'hiro but since hop'hiro is fairly easily removed by some colors you need those win conditions as backup.

While Blood covers the token generation and card advantage for the deck the best, you have to delve deeper into wild to find win conditions other than mushwocky