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03-10-2014, 08:17 PM

This week on Threshold we talk patch 825 because we just barely missed it, Cory’s blog #5 post, March HexTCGPro Challenge Series, and we propose an interesting challenge to our listeners.

We'd love for our listeners to submit their own versions of a Wild Ramp deck. E-mail us submissions to team@thresholdpodcast.com

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03-11-2014, 11:25 AM
Great podcast, as usual.

Perhaps I can help reduce Matt's research needs:

For transformation, Hex contains cards that say "revert and transform" and cards with "transform". A transforming card only loses previous damage/nerfs/buffs if revert is part of the transformation.

Also, CZE MattyTheSquid answered the question about the plan for multiple unique cards in different forms.

Hi there, folks. I just wanted to pop in and clarify a few things regarding the uniqueness of Hop'hiro, because he's sort of an interesting case.

Short version: Different levels of Hop'hiro should all count as the same "character" as far as uniqueness is concerned. For example, if you control a Hop'hiro, Samurai and a Hop'hiro, Samurai Warlord, there should be a uniqueness violation. I don't believe this is currently how he's behaving in the client. Consider that a bug.

Long version: Hop'hiro is one of a handful of unique cards that've been a challenge when it comes to presentation. We know that different levels of Hop'hiro are all the same Hop'hiro, but how do we communicate that in a clear and concise way? Thankfully, we have a pretty simple solution planned, one that expands on how we handled uniqueness in the WoW TCG.

Here's the plan: for unique cards, you will be able to hover over the word "unique" to see the card's uniqueness identity, or to put it simply, the character(s) that the card is supposed to represent. For example, with Hop'hiro, mousing over unique will show you that all three versions of Hop'hiro have the identity "Hop'hiro," so you'll only be able to control one Hop'hiro at any given time, regardless of what form he's in. The same would hold true if we were to make another card down the road that had the "Hop'hiro" identity; they would all be the same person when it comes to uniqueness.

Now, I want to make it clear that I can make no promises about when this plan might show up in the client. Our engineers have a lot on their plates, and there are likely other things that are a higher priority to tackle at the moment. Still, we thought it would be good to at least let you folks know where we were headed with this whole uniqueness thing. I hope this helped shed some light on the issue.

Thanks again for the podcast!

03-11-2014, 05:59 PM
I love matty the squid... I'm not sure I've ever met him but his posts are always so helpful. He functions on a verbosity level that works well for me.