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03-25-2014, 08:32 PM
This deck is a wild ride of drinkin' beer, eatin' hot dogs, shootin' guns, and being free, chock full of our inspirational leaders of the greatest nation on Earth!


Coming in at a four of is none other than our own american Army! Legionnaire of Gawaine represents our nation's finest, stronger when together and bolster by their American brothers! The only other 4 of in the deck is Oracle Song, so we Americans can tune our ears to jammin' hits like 'Baby' - by Justin Beiber or 'I am God' By Kanye West while we reserve our right to free speech! You may think I'm crazy for running only two 4 of's, but keep listening here, because coming in at a 2 of is none other than our elite Navy SEALS. Hero of Adamanth accurately represents the immense power each individual Navy SEAL attains by growing a gnarly beard and chopping down approximately 3000 trees each day while his friends watch. Our next extremely patriotic throwback - champion 2 of is none other than one of our original founding fathers himself, Benjamin Franklin. Lord Benjamin the Wise comes in to search the annals of history for America's greatest heroes and drafting them to duty in our most dire time of need, and he is also used in the creation in the Triumvirate, which we will cover later.

Our next two two ofs would complete the legendary triumvirate with Benjamin Franklin. They are Alexander Hamilton, another of our great and inspirational heroes, and Judge Adam, representing you and I, an elected citizen of strength. When Lord Benjamin the Wise, Lord Alexander the Courageous, and Lord Adam the Strong are in each other's presence, they become an almighty American Weapon of Mass Destruction forged by all three branches of our glorious totally uncorrupt government. You can smell the freedom. When in play while the deck's only noncreature one of, Judgement, is used, you are likely to leave a wake of destruction not unlike the one we've left in retaliation for pearl harbor.

The American military is unparalleled on an international scale and has many soldiers of varying specializations, such as the US Marine Corps., the Navy, and the Air Force. Ruby Pyromancer, Cerulean Mirror Knight, and Protectorate Champion are each their respective representation for their strength to inspires their fellow partiots, their ability to provide support for other troops in ways undetected and overall effective support that air advantage provides, once again respectively. With forces like these on our side, our special operations troops like one of's Shield Trooper and Kraken Guard Mariner can ensure the proper support needed by the Green Beret.

Our final and most inspirational solitary poltical figure is our First Lady Michelle Obama. She reminds us to always fight obesity so we many strike first in combat and not be held back by our sagging bellies!

The final few tools in Americas Arsenal include two explosive warheads in burn, two 'inescapable' prisons in solitary confinement, our tenacity to always remember our fallen heroes in 2 Blessing the Fallen, and our impassible sea wall that is our naval fleet in countermagic and repel. America was not always great, and we are constantly reminded of our old days with the confederate and our inner conflict, but the knowledge we have gained from it makes us stronger.

While money may be tight, you can assure America will always stay strong financially with this sort of dough in the coffers: 7 Diamond, 7 Sapphire, 6 Ruby, 3 Shards of Fate

I got bored near the end sue me.


HERO: Dimmid

4x Legionnaire of Gawaine
4x Oracle Song (-1 Oracle Song, +1 Cerulean Mentalist)
2x Protectorate Champion
2x Lord Benjamin the Wise
2x Lord Alexander the Courageous
2x Lord Adam the Strong
2x Hero of Adamanthe
2x Cerulean Mirror Knight
2x Countermagic
2x Repel
2x Blessing the Fallen
2x Burn
2x Inner Conflict
2x Solitary Exile
1x Ruby Pyromancer
1x Ruby Enchantress
1x Shield Trainer
1x Kraken Guard Mariner
1x Judgment
7x Diamond Shard
7x Sapphire Shard
6x Ruby Shard
3x Shards of Fate

This thing actually sorta works too. Try it out.

03-25-2014, 08:38 PM
I played that deck.. I destroyed it.

03-28-2014, 05:00 AM
I played that deck.. I destroyed it.

Sounds like someone is fishing for a gold star!

@OP- I play an inspire deck but can struggle sometimes with just ruby/diamond. How many games have you played where you've struggled with resources?

03-28-2014, 03:59 PM
that guy is my friend, we frequently playtest and stuff its cool lol.

surprisingly enough I run into mana issues maybe 1/10 games, and usually its a not having 2TH for either countermagic or solitary confinement sorta issue, not a not having one of my three colors sort of issue. Usually you just want all your little dudes in the graveyard with blessing out so you can play nothing but lords heroes and legionairres.

Usually if you get going at all you have a lot of card draw one way or the other which means mana works out. I actually took out an Oracle Song for a Cerulean Mentalist(?). the 2 costing inspire chick who makes you draw when a troop hits the enemy champ.