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03-26-2014, 09:53 AM
NOTE: Browser crashed while I was editing few things and that killed half the post. I have tried to recreate it as best I could, but some things had to be rewritten.

So I have been experimenting a bit with the Eye of Creation (EoC) and thought I would do a little write-up of my experiences. All thoughts are based on constructed play with all cards available. I do not consider myself a hard-core TCG-player and the testing has not been extensive, please bear that in mind. EoC is newly released and very popular, so it makes sense to write a bit about it. And it seems constructive to talk about actual experiences and impressions.

I have found roughly three variations that seem to work well. The common denominator is that you have to choose between a deck that performs reliably and a deck that maximize the potential combo (this is of course a universal truth in TCG). I assume reliable performance is to be preferred, though a bit of risk is fine.

To justify including EoC you want lots of ramp and big strong troops and few other cards. Ramp is used to power the eye, but also to cast troops from your hand, so it is vital for your deck to work. With the eye you can potentially include troops outside your threshold range, but I will advise against it. Since EoC is only 4 card out of 60 and I will normally run 12-14 ramp cards, I consider the decks to be ramp decks that include EoC and not the other way around. EoC's function is to grant card and action advantage. An important counterstrategy is to destroy the ramp possibility, so you need to consider how you ramp.

Relevant ramp cards: Howling Brave, Puck, Hex engine, Chlorofylia, Crimson Clarity.
Most of these cards are pretty straight forward. Remember that chloro and crimson are also important for the threshold in dual-color decks. Since people are now prepared for EoC I want to briefly discuss Puck vs hex engine.

Puck is potentially the strongest ramp card, especially when combined with One Eye Open, but he is also vulnerable to getting killed. Hex engine is slower, but is in most cases a non-counterable ramp. So it’s a speed vs reliability question.

So here follows three variants:

Diamond/Wild - One Eye Open
Initially the most common I have seen. It has the biggest ramp potential, but can also be vulnerable to being shard screwed and to killing Puck/Howling Brave. Puck is of course the key to this deck. I think it was Armies of Mordor who initially made this deck before EoC was released. You dont need to worry about ressource cost, because of the Ramp potential.

Ruby/Wild - Running Deer
Originally I made this with Ash Harpy and Theorycrafter (Destruction gem) as the main aggressors with Battle Beetle as a strong support, but Future pointed out (below) that Hellhound is probably a better choice. I kinda agree, but against Sapphire/Diamond control you might want theorycrafter. Hellhound also only have a single treshold, so you could get rid of Crimson Clarity. Creatures are less resilient so 3 Eternal Guardians can cover defenses. Other biggies such as Wrathwood and Squirrels can be added as it fits. I think its possible to do a variant with Falconer and Lionel Flynn, but I have not tried that yet.

Mono Wild - Running Deer
I think this is the most reliable and resilient in my experience. I prefer not to completely rely on Puck so cutting down on him and adding some Hex engine will let me keep playing aften an extinction. Spellshielded Battle Beetle, Wrathwood and Fist is extremely hard to control. Jadiim and Squirrels goes without saying. You can add a few Chaos keys if you like for utility.

So I think all of these decks works well without EoC, but the eye makes them extremely dangerous.

How to counter EoC decks?
If I maximise the Puck+Eye potential there is nothing you can do if I get a lucky hand, but when I play it "slow" and steady as I prefer a fine-tuned aggro-deck can get through sometimes. But the most succesfull counters are Sapphire/Blood control. Some important countercards include: Burn/kill Puck+Brave, Extinction, Yesterday, Inquisition + other discard effects, flock of seagulls and other standard bounce/control cards.

Is EoC OP?
There is a long thread about that and I really don't want to restart that here. If you think of the eye as an EoC+Puck combo then I donīt think its OP, but rather a bit unfun. You either win big or lose big if your opponent destroys the combo. Its kind of like the minotaur card - either its unfair or its worse than useless. But some people like this kind of playstyle and it can be fun for me to play against sometimes.

I usually don't care much for OP-NERF! discussion, but on the other hand discussing the game is also important, especially in alfa. When I evaluate a card I try to see how it interacts with the rest of the game. So imo a card and a combo of cards is problematic is it limits variation and diversity by forcing people to play certain counterdecks. OP does not mean "can't be beaten" in my book but rather "can only be beaten in a few ways".

The way I have been trying to use it, is as a kind of card draw in a deck that can stand on its own feet without it. This gives Wild a highly efficient card draw effect that effectivly makes up for a inherent weakness in the shard. It is still early so its hard to say how big a problem it is, but I do think its a very strong card.

Anyways, if you have fun ways to exploit or counter Eye of Creation please share.

03-27-2014, 12:26 AM
Why would you play only a few pucks when they are the absolutely best acceleration tool you have access too? There's just no reason not to play 4 of them, even despite their uniqueness. And Hex Engine seems like too much - if you inclue that and void keys, you will probably drop to less than 20 "big troops" that can be pulled by an eye. Also, the hex is just a bit too slow to be reliable.

Also in red-green eye the theorycrafter seems out of place (he's too slow) - you probably want to focus on threats like harpy, tarrasque, destruction-gemmed battle beetle and speed-gemmed hellhound

03-28-2014, 07:34 AM
I reviewed my decks and I can see that I play at least 3 pucks in every one, so first description might be inaccurate. However I have beaten and lost with eye decks that kill/discard puck - thats why I like to include Hex in some versions. I agree that its not very fast, but being able to play your troops without using the eye and puck is important against control decks.

Tarrasque is a dead card in my hand because of threshold, so is multiple Pucks - I prefer to able to win without using EoC. But like I said, its a question of maximising eye-combo vs more reliable (and slower) play. You can do eye-decks where you either win big or lose big, but I don't like kind of playstyle.

13 ramp cards+20-21 biggies (depending on ressorce) leaves room for 2 chaos keys - but like I said, its optional and probably unnecessary in most situations. But I have to consider mirrormatces. If my opponent gets out an Eternal Guardian, I have no answer except the keys (or being lucky eneough to play 2 squirrels).

EDIT: I completely forgot EoC - so with 4 of them it would take my big troops down to 17. There is still finetuning to be done with the numbers and the result depends on whether aggro or control is seen as the biggest threat.

As for theorycrafter, I see your point. Im a bit in love with the guy atm but I will consider replacing him with Hellhound. The reason I like him is because cards like seagulls, repel and inner conflict can't stop him and I like threats that are hard to counter.

03-29-2014, 11:36 AM
You left out a couple of things. Surge Mechanism for Ramp, for example.

Also a viable variant for EoC may be Wild/Sapphire with Chimes. Not only could you get multiple turns in with Mastery of Time, you could also have some extra draw to get with EoC, and while it's true you'd have less chance of drawing big troops with a single EoC if you've got draw/chimes/mastery of time, you'd be more likely to get more than one EoC, and potentially more than one shot at each with Chimes

Edit: As an example, earlier when they first introduced EoC I threw together a fun Wild/Sapphire deck for it. I wound up almost decking myself with a powerful EoC and two chimes--I had 7 cards left, and my opponent had about 47. Granted, it can't happen any more to that extent with Chimes being Unique, but it is still powerful.