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03-31-2014, 07:59 AM
I was watching Errantsquire's replay of his Friday stream and remembered via the stream that he had a Reginald deck on a previous stream. The Skarn deck that he created in his last stream looks good, but it looked really hard to pull off with the current meta. So, I thought it would be a easier to build a deck around with Reginald that could go find its way into meta. The problem that Reginald runs into is that he is easily targeted and without assistance he cannot win the game for you. So, after play testing a deck I made from scratch with Sapphire support, I knew it needed some help. I, then, looked at Errantsquire's Reginald deck on the TCG Browser and modified the deck that I was running with some of the cards he had listed there. With this mixed deck in hand, I play tested it a little more and figured out that because of who I decided to run that Chimes, Wrenlocke, and Heat Wave would not work in my deck idea. After trying to figure out what it lacked and what I could run main deck, I have gotten the deck I have listed below. Please keep in mind that this is essentially a Mill deck and if you have ever played against one you will realize that it is not fun playing against a Mill deck. Here is what I have for this deck so far:

Reginald's Sabotage (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/deck=5645)
Feather Drifting Downriver

Reginald Lancashire x4
Spawn of Othuyeg x4
Eldritch Dreamer (Prime Sapphire of Mind = Card Draw Gem) x4
Master Theorycrafter (Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge = Mill Gem) x2
Bird o' Plenty x2
Flock of Seagulls x2

Sabotage x4
Chronic Madness x4
Oracle Song x4
Burn x4

Chaos Key x2

Ruby Shard x8
Sapphire Shard x12
Shards of Fate x4

This deck is strictly a combo deck, so this deck may not be right for everyone. I decided that because this is essentially a Mill deck that I needed something beyond Mill the opponent's whole deck and Reginald as a win condition, which is why I have included Sabotage since it is synergic with this deck. This deck seems to have problems with what is considered Tier 1 right now, Control and Ramp decks, which is why I have included Chaos Key, Bird o' Plenty, and Flock of Seagulls to help pull off the infiltration/mill combos that are what this deck is made for. I have not thought about what to side deck right now so there is no sideboard currently to this idea.

So, what are your guys' thoughts/suggestions on this deck?

04-03-2014, 03:10 PM
Crown of primals / lord alexander / lord benjamin could all be pretty decent additions.

04-03-2014, 08:20 PM
I don't see how Crown of Primal would work in the deck. While it is nice, it just doesn't feel right in this type of deck. As for Lord Benjamin, he would only really benefit Reginald since he is the only human in the deck as is. If I incorporate Alexander, then it would include him, but that would only be maybe 6 or more humans depending on how many Alexander and Benjamin I place in the deck. Lord Alexander would benefit this deck since the only troops that are less than 3 are the Spawns and Seagulls. I will think about what cards I could main board out to place Alexander in and see if it will synergize with the deck.

As for the time between now and when I posted this, I have made only two changes to this deck, which has helped it be more synergistic. First, I now have 9 Ruby Shards and 11 Sapphire Shards now in the deck. This is due to the second change. I have changed the Gem in Eldritch's slot. He now as the Prime Ruby Gem of Intensity. That is the gem that whenever it does damage that it forces all champions to discard there hand and then draw three new cards. This actually helps mill the opponent's deck while gives me more cards than one. This is a double-edge sword, so I can only attack with him when I know I will not regret losing my hand.

Beyond the cards just suggested, are there any other thoughts or suggestions for this deck?

04-04-2014, 01:15 PM
EDIT: I completely misremembered how the mill gem and some of the cards work, so some of the things I say below makes no sense. A few of the ideas were solid though. The deck is quite fast once it gets going. I am still considering if Lancashire is even necessary, though the card draw is very nice.

I am skeptical about sabotage in a normal milldeck and I am also skeptical about it here. You want your opponent to lose, not take damage. (Hope you know what I mean, so I refrain from longer arguments). I would exchange it for some control that allows you to live longer.

I would lose Bird O plenty. Its good, but expensive - probably too expensive/slow against aggro and not so good against blood or diamond control.

Champion: Nin I think is a better choice.

I would also lose
1-2 Oracle song
Theorycrafter ( I think rack is better)
Maybe Burn, depending on your control strategy

I would include some of these
More control: Yesterday/Monkey of the nine tails, heat wave, dingler, mez
1-2 rack
1-2 Twisted fate
Stormcall and/or (the red instant that makes up to 2 troops unable to block)
Cerebral Fulmination
Maybe the new artifact that let you gain an extra charge from resources (cant remember its name)

These are my thoughts. I guess there is some choice in whether you want to speed things up, hoping to win before your opponent or play it more controlly. Also there is some choice in if you want your control to target big things or aggro decks.

04-06-2014, 06:57 AM
I play a similar deck with a few modifications but the same principal.

I choose rage fires over burn and counter magics over spawns (which I might switch out counter magics for spawns I forgot about them) but to each there own on that.

I do agree that birds o plenty are kind of usless in this deck though (Twisted Fate, Cerebral Fulmination, More seagull's maybe?)

Edit: I use mill gem in dreamer as well

Also one final thought. I put in a few crushing blows to guarantee that Reginald does damage so something to think about.

It is a really fun deck to play with and actually wins quite often.