View Full Version : Question for Chris Woods re: new hardware

04-05-2014, 06:08 AM
I'm curious about the Hex infrastructure after seeing Chris' contribution to the last update post. No idea if he can answer this (or if he wants to):

How dependent is the set up on virtual machines? Are those big honkers you got in running a hypervisor and then the servers dance between the physical units? Or do you still run dedicated hardware for each server?

In my world, everything has been virtualized - even the systems that they said could or should never be (ERP systems, etc.). I teach an infrastructure class occasionally to entry level students and tell them I find it harder and harder to imagine scenarios where the server infrastructure isn't almost completely virtualized due to scalability.

But I don't run an infrastructure that manages an MMO - would love to know more, but also know there is only so much info you can give out before you jeopardize security protocols.