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04-10-2014, 02:41 AM
The purpose of the deck is to create an infinite turn loop with Time Bug/The Transcended/Replicator's Gambit/Mastery of Time. I'm still testing the deck but it plays very well so far, the biggest problem is milling decks.

Champion: Wyatt the Sapper

Troops: 19

4x Ascetic Aspirant
4x Bucaneer
3x Flock of Seagulls
3x Cerulean Mirror Knight
3x Eldritch Dreamer(Prime Sapphire of Mind)
1x Eldritch Dreamer(Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge)
1x Time Bug

Actions/Artifacts: 19

4x Oracle Song
3x Repel
3x Solitary Exile
3x Adaptable Infusion Device
3x Arcane Shield
2x Mastery of Time
1x Replicator's Gambit

Resources: 22

12x Sapphire
10x Diamond

The basic strategy of the deck is to replicate the Time bug with the Gambit, search it with The Transcended and congratulations you win the game. If for some reason you lose the 1 time bug in the deck you still have Eldritch Dreamer(Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge) and Bucaneer to replicate which are pretty broken with the gambit. Eldritch Dreamer(Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge) provides you with an unblockable army that will mill 42 cards from your opponents deck when played, while the Bucaneer can get rid of 6 of your opponents troops and the seventh Bucaneer effect can return the raplicated Bucaneer to your hand for even more Bucaneer's.

The reason I only run 1 Replicator's gambit is because while it is awesome in a controlled situation(The Transcended), it is not very good otherwise because even though it grants you a draw after use it still takes away a troop so you are still losing a card.

I'm still thinking wether i should use Shards of fate or not, it's really good because most of the cards in the deck have 2 threshold cost but at the same time Wyatt's effect is so important that i don't know if it's worth running it.

04-10-2014, 07:52 AM
This idea is pretty cool and it's similar to something that I tried the day after Time Bug was released. Here's the issue that I ran into with my testing: you can almost never beat a blood deck. The reason is that both Inquisition and Extinction ruin your day. Arcane Shield protects against the single target stuff but a Extinction is hard to play around and still provide enough pressure to win. Something I tried was to also play Angel of Dawn as that at least provides a legit threat that you can easily protect with an Aecane Shield since she's free.

The other matchups are hit or miss. When the deck gets rolling it's very difficult to stop. That said, keeping Ascetic Aspirant alive without dying yourself is a little tricky sometimes.

Just some thoughts. Good luck with the deck!


04-11-2014, 09:33 PM
A decent strategy. I done something similar, but ended up going blood/diamond/sapphire so that I could have Extinction in the deck. Then I added in Shards of Fate since it goes so well with the artifact that gives you a shard threshold of your choice...for color blending. The deck seems pretty stable for me that way and Extinction combos well with mirror knight...to give yourself more cards while wiping out the enemies! They just don't know what to do with their self when they see you have about 7 troops (them 4 or 5, but starting to get control of the field) and then you just wipe the board and have a full hand while they're down to 1-2 cards.

04-14-2014, 05:33 AM
as far as i know, replicas do not get a gem, so the mill for 42 idea is not working as you expect.
0 Countermagic is pretty risky if you aim to get a combo out that takes several turns to get going.