View Full Version : Old hardware used for a PvE test server after Beta launch?

04-19-2014, 09:16 AM
Though I do like the PvP/tournament part of Hex, for me the main draw always has been the PvE side of the game. Now I fully appreciate that PvE still isn't ready for the masses to throw themselves at. But maybe, with the PvP/tournament side of Hex going into Beta on new hardware, the old hardware can be used as an alpha/test server for PvE?

I'm sure that there are other Alpha players who would love to assist CZE again, like we did the past months with PvP, to make the PvE part of Hex as good or maybe even better? With the seperate hardware the server could be accessed by a separate client with its own login, which would also enable CZE to gate the amount of people able to test.

And maybe there are already plans to do just that. But if not I hope this thread lets CZE know that there are players here just as willing to help test the PvE side as the PvP side.