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04-20-2014, 11:24 PM
We have been patient, we have waited for two millennia for your kind to tire yourselves out, to give up and leave us in peace. Our patience has ended. Since you will not leave us alone, you will join us.

- message received by king Wren burned into walls of the keep, just after the first human outpost fell to the Underworld during the underworld incursion.

I am Kil'thas, one of the first to awaken. I remember the odd sensation of life when my consciousness inhabited the remains of some long forgotten human. I had sight, or more accurately, i knew that I could see, the blackness of the sarcophagus was enveloping but seeing that was enough. it was better than the abyss. I do not know how long I lay there, it could have been mere hours, or days. it is impossible to say. Eventually though I felt a desire, It was not my desire but it pulled me the same.

there was no way the frail bones of this creature should have been able to lift the ancient stone slab, but it came off with ease. Up I crawled, the bones creaking and groaning but I felt nothing other than the desire to be free, it was not my desire. Unlike in the sarcophagus, here there were two sources of light, one was a hole in the roof of the crypt. The other was the pile of shattered crystal directly under the hole. It bathed the entire crypt in a shimmering light. I could see everything, from the roots clawing through the walls to the cracks in the bricks to the ornate workings of effigies carved into the walls even the other sarcophagi lining the walls.

It was then that I felt my first sensation; it was akin to grasping at a rock while a raging river tried to drag me away. I knew that if I let go, the abyss would have me once more. There was no fear, my kind does not know fear. There was desire however, desire to live, to fight for that life. the light pulsed through the crypt, The abyss receded. I realized my body had fallen to the ground, I pushed myself up. bones creaking under the strain. The abyss was already starting to crawl its way back.

I walked forward, each step taking me towards the crystals. It wanted to be free, it needed to be free. It wanted my help, it created me to help. I realized it then, I was created to help free it.

As I walked up to them they shimmered, almost as if with anticipation. The brittle dried out flesh and creaking bones which comprised my hand gently touched the crystal. I could feel its energy, its essence. The moment my hand touched the crystal the void receded almost nothing, a speck of shadow in the corner of my mind. The crystals knew what to do, it taught me what to do. I clutched them in my hands and inserted it into where this body's eyes would have been. My sight changed. I could see life itself. It was running through the roots in the trees, the insects in the soil. it was running through me, most of all though, it was running through the crystals. They were teeming with life; it was overflowing from the smallest fragment.

I could feel the energy continuing to work its way through me, the void became even more infinitesimal than it had since I first touched the crystal. The bones strengthened, Even the control over the body became immensely more accurate. Realizations kept flowing through me, my consciousness was expanding.

"freedom" was the whisper in my mind, my soul. The crystals desire was not sated with me. It wanted more. I looked around at the other sarcophagi and knew what I had to do. Picking up two more crystals I walked over to it and ripped off the ornate slab covering it. Inside lay another host to be awakened. I embedded the crystals into the eyes of the corpse and moved on. Grabbing more crystals and opening more sarcophagi I implanted them in every corpse nearby. Before long I could feel the others starting to rise and join me in my work. We could see the life force in each other, flowing through us and overflowing our bodies, starting from the shimmering crystals in our eyes. By the time we finished our work we numbered in the dozens.

There were no more crystals, not here in this tomb. We could feel them though, spread out through the world, each one crying to be released. As we exited we could feel hex above. Shining like a beacon, we could feel its desire as well, but it could wait until we were ready. For now we would free the crystals stranded here.

We trudged through the wilds. Each creature we passed beaming with a slightly different life force. Their energies flickering and glimmering as they ran through the trees, the trees themselves glowing with their own energy. Even the grass shimmered. Days turned into weeks as we hunted for the crystals, our numbers swelled from dozens to hundreds in those first few weeks. It was just the beginning


This is the first chapter/portion in what I guess you could call a fan fiction I have been writing. as we dont know much about the Necrotic it is hard to make sure how I view them line up with how Cory views them. But let me know what you guys think.