View Full Version : We need more resolutions! And more font options for chat!

04-24-2014, 12:34 AM
Hello there!
I was waiting for Beta, just in case they forgot about us with monitors bigger than 1920px wide. But there is no option yet. Is a planned feature to increase the resolution of the game? Or we just need to strech the window in fullscreen (makes blurry chat fonts, and not so crisp graphics) I rather will have to play in windows mode because of the aspect of it.
Also would be nice to include a fullscreen borderless option, at least in mac you can't surf the net with your secondary monitor while Hex is running.

About the font, we need options to increase the font size! It's something very basic in every community based game! It's awful to read that blurry little text like ants!


Everything else it's going great (waiting to fix the problem with the boosters right now)
Best regards to all Hexers!