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04-24-2014, 04:44 PM
Your Display Name: Talso
Bug Description: Almost every card portrait of my starter deck is missing. Sometimes one of the shard pictures in the inventory is missing.
Steps to Reproduce: Open the card manager. Load the starter deck. Almost every card picture of the deck is missing. Trying to solve the problem, I send the cards of the starter deck back to the inventory, so that the deck is empty and all cards are in the inventory. When I send the cards from the inventory back to the deck every card picture will be displayed correctly (sometimes)- and the missing picture files in my hex/cards folder will be replaced by normal pictures. When I leave the card manager, load the deck or save the deck, the pictures will be missing again.
Frequency: Every time I leave the card manager, load the starter deck or save the deck
Additional Information: Win 7. My win 7 amin name has 4 letters.
I installed and uninstalled hex several times after the error appeared after one of the alpha patches for the first time. I have changed the installation paths in the past.
Repairing the installation doesnt do anything since alpha.
The missing pictures are displayed in the hex/cards folder. deleting the folder and starting the game adds missing picture cards and some normal cards to the folder.
In alpha, the card pictures were also missing ingame. Sometimes, a red shard was displayed correctly, and the next red shard picture missed. I cant tell how it will be ingame in Beta- I havent played a game.

I have read solving solutions in the alpha forum- I used the search function "Card Portrait Missing" in the forum. But I couldnt find an official solution. User suggestions to solve the problem were very weird, so I see no reason to add my problem to an alpha forum post- we are in beta, and the problem still exists.

Edit: Alvaro_Zeno has posted the same problem; when I started my post, it didnt exist.

Edit2: After deleting the "card portrait missing" files in the /cards folder about 10 times and starting the game, after reloading the starter deck 10 times it seems as if the cards are displayed correctly.
Why did I have to do it? The game should load the pictures correctly from the first start on...
10 times restarting, deleting some files loading again ... is ok for early closed beta- but itīs not... nice.