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04-25-2014, 01:57 AM
I'm currently running the game in 1080p, but it looks awful on my monitor. The game really needs options for higher resolutions so I, and others, can run our native resolutions (2560x1440 for me).

Also, preferably there should also be a UI scaling option to make text/images larger as things will become really small on a large monitor with a high pixel density.

Thanks for your time

04-25-2014, 02:07 AM
If you're feeling adventurous you can manually set your resolution by editing the registry.

Bring up a command line in Windows: Run --> cmd

At the command line, run: regedit

Within regedit, find the following Hex options: HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Cryptozoic --> Hex

Within those options, set Screenmanager Resolution Height, and Screenmanager Resolution Width to your desired resolution settings. Make sure you change your entry mode from hexadecimal to decimal before entering your desired resolutions.

I used that to set my resolution to 2560x1440 and it looks great. The only issue has been that I couldn't redeem any codes as the code redemption interface is broken at that resolution. Everything else has been great.

Just be careful with editing your registry. If you're not sure about how to follow any of the instructions I've typed above, it is best to leave it alone and wait for additional display resolutions to be implemented officially.

04-25-2014, 05:07 AM
Lower resolutions would be nice too. My laptop is 1366x768, so I have to move the taskbar to the side of my screen to have enough room to play the game in windowed mode, and even then I'm missing the bottom of the game window.