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04-25-2014, 05:56 AM
Logged on to play a couple of games last night and ran into the following:

After a couple of turns, the game locked up.
In the second game, I mulliganed. No further cards showed up, but I could once again keep/mulligan. I mulliganed again, and 5 cards showed up. I kept doing this and I believe that it continued to alternate between showing and not showing cards.

If these are bugs, I can enter a bug ticket. If they are known issues, the I suppose there is no sense entering a bug ticket. Note that I was playing the humans deck against the AI. Still too nervous to play against another person (and in this case, seems like I was justified as that would have been highly frustrating for folks!).

As an aside, is there a way to "concede" a game? I couldn't figure this out and simply had to shut down the window each time. Sadly, I didn't see a reason to log back on after the second instance.

Thanks for any insights!

04-25-2014, 05:59 AM
these are known issues, should be fixed quite soon.

04-25-2014, 06:01 AM
Most current bugs happen due to many people online and therefor stress testing the new server.

You get a option to concede with pressing "ESC"

04-25-2014, 06:06 AM
Press escape to report a bugged game.

04-25-2014, 06:44 AM
Thanks for the info!!!

04-25-2014, 10:42 AM
If you're looking for known issues, there's a sticky in the beta bug reporting subforum.